2024 Resolutions

All Hands on Deck: 2024 Resolutions Patriots Need to Make and Keep

(Substack)—New Year’s is the same every year. Some lament how good or bad their previous year was. Others look to the new year with hope and excitement. Many of us make plans to improve our lives and some of us actually do it.

But 2024 seems different, and I’m not the only one who thinks this. I keep hearing from others, both known people like Alex Jones and less known people who are nonetheless tapped into the zeitgeist, that this year truly is the most consequential one of many of our lifetimes. Can you feel it?

We all know this nation faces massive challenges and I’m not going to rehash them in this article… perhaps tomorrow we can do that. But let’s stipulate that readers are well aware of the border crisis, wars, rumors of wars, resurgent medical tyranny, economic weakness, cultural rot, rampant crime, risks of another round of George-Floyd-Style riots, and at least a dozen other major threats we’re facing. Knowing this, what must we do?

I’ve put together a list of resolutions many patriots must make. More importantly, they must be kept. Not all are for every patriot and we should do whatever we can within our means. But considering that our nation teeters on the edge of oblivion, I am strongly urging fellow patriots to take 2024 seriously. I know I will be. Soon, I’ll write about changes that my cohorts and I are making but for now I want to focus on general concepts.

Take this short list to heart. Personalize it. Add to it. Share it. But whatever you do, please don’t ignore it. Like I said, not everything is for everyone but everyone should be able to do something.

Things are getting shakier every day. Many of us are struggling just to get our foothold. Some have all we can handle with our personal lives, but if all one has the capacity to do is improve their own situations, then it’s enough as long as others are picking up the slack. With all that said, here are the 2024 resolutions I humbly but aggressively request every American patriot considers.

Prepare Yourself and Your Family for Catastrophe

When one flies on a plane, they’re told by the flight attendant that in case of emergency, oxygen masks will drop from overhead. We are instructed to put our own mask on first before assisting others. The logic here is obvious; we can put ourselves and our loved ones at risk if we pass out, rendering us useless.

This concept is why it is imperative for patriots to make sure they are as prepared as possible for whatever is to come. Many are already “doomsday preppers” and are ready for the apocalypse. Most are ill-prepared for any major catastrophes up to and including societal collapse. If you and your family fall into the latter category, it’s time to change that first and foremost.

I don’t care how patriotic someone is. If they are unprepared when certain catastrophes strike, they will be in breadlines waiting on government handouts or sitting around waiting for FEMA to rescue them. They will be beholden to government and all that is required to receive aid. And to those who think they have enough money to avoid such a scenario, they have to consider the scenarios of a rapid collapse of the U.S. Dollar, a devastated supply chain, grid attack, or any of the circumstances that would render riches temporarily or permanently worthless.

Those with the means to prepare thoroughly today and who fail to do so will be kicking themselves if those means are neutralized in the future. Those of us who do not have the means to stock up a bunker with food, water, meds, energy supplies, and ammo must do what we can to prepare nonetheless.

Improve Your Local Connections and Pay Closer Attention to Local Government

My daughter ordered A5 wagyu steak for her birthday. This product, exclusive to Japan, was delivered to our doorstep in three days. It wasn’t too long ago when such services were only available to the uber rich with talented concierge services, but today a middle class teenager with a smartphone can make it happen in seconds.

I firmly believe that such excessive luxuries will be curtailed or eliminated in the future. It’s not just the facts that food prices are skyrocketing or that supply chains are completely dependent on a brittle infrastructure system. There’s also the rapidly changing paradigm driven by the bureaucratic state that will make interstate commerce, not to mention international trade, far more challenging if regulations are not reined in  soon.

Since long before the risks we face today became apparent, I’ve been a fan of localization. What was once a desire has become an imperative in both commerce as well as governance. It behooves us all for multiple reasons to better know the suppliers and retailers that operate around us rather than relying on Amazon or Costco to do all of our product sourcing. If things continue to go south in 2024, knowing local farmers, producers, and distributors will prove to be beneficial.

As for governance, nobody in Washington DC has more direct influence over our lives than our local, city, county, and state politicians and bureaucrats. Yet most Americans couldn’t name their district’s legislators, city council members, or school board. This has to change whether 2024 gets worse or better.

Engage With Lawmakers About Risks They Can Affect

I was talking to a Congressman early last year. We were discussing the World Health Organization’s Pandemic Treaty. I asked what could be done about it. He said, off the record, that Congress would have to pass specific legislation to stop it and that would be practically impossible considering the makeup of the UniParty Swamp on Capitol Hill.

It was a valuable lesson learned. Just because something is important doesn’t mean we have the power to stop it and therefore our focus should be on solving problems we can directly or indirectly influence. I was humbled and angry, but it changed my perspectives as far as what I cover on my show. I had done a four-show, eight-hour marathon on the Pandemic Treaty and I was basically told that nothing any of us could do would prevent it from passing.

Today, I focus on problems that can be fixed. For example, every American should spend as much time and energy as they can allocate to demanding their lawmakers put an immediate end to the border crisis. While the solution isn’t easy, it IS simple. Shut it down. Deport illegal aliens. Force “asylum seekers” to reside across the border until their case can be heard. In other words, just doing the things the Trump administration did and more could slow the bleeding at the border very quickly.

Our lawmakers, regardless of party, must hear from the people that we’re not accepting it any longer. And it can’t just be a snarky Tweet. We need to email, call, and write letters to our representatives. When possible, we should meet with them. If the radical left can rally enough support to pressure lawmakers into letting boys play girls’ sports, surely patriots can muster enough pressure to tell our lawmakers to prevent the current border invasion.

Learn “Analog” Skills

What if we can’t fix it? What if we’re about to go through very hard times that will require us to either help ourselves or become dependent on government? Before things start getting really bad, it’s important for many of us to learn skills that will be useful if the crap hits the fan.

Self-defense is arguably the most important skill to have. And while there are definitely health and situational benefits to becoming proficient at hand-to-hand combat, nothing replaces proper firearms training. I firmly believe every patriot with the physical and mental ability to handle a firearm should be trained to do so properly. Krav Maga is nice. 9MM is better.

Other examples of “analog” skills are gardening, sewing, first aid, basic mechanics, fishing and hunting. And I don’t care how prepared someone is or how many decades they’ve been getting ready. Everyone can learn new skills that could come in handy if things go very south.

Participate in Civic Duties

This is the controversial one. It’s not for everyone. Heck, it’s not for me. But those who have the willingness and talents to run for elected office or participate in other civic duties should do so in 2024. It’s a self-serving notion for me to recommend since I’m not willing to run for office myself, but I ask other patriots to do so if they feel inclined. We need patriots in office, not politicians. We should all want people we can trust to not get corrupted. Maybe that person is you.

Warn Friends and Family

For America to survive all of the existential threats we’re facing, we need as many people actively participating in its defense as possible. That doesn’t necessarily mean everyone needs to become active members of the local militia, but that wouldn’t be a bad idea for many.

In order for us to have enough people fighting the good fight, we need them to be aware that they need to fight in the first place. Our friends and family who are still watching Fox News as their primary source of information are not likely to realize how bad things are becoming. They’re also far less likely to be preparing for what’s to come.

Every patriotic American needs to have a healthy skepticism of government. I know that may chap some khakis out there since it seems like I’m telling people to wear tinfoil hats all the time, but in a way I am. If we’ve learned anything since Donald Trump first entered office, it’s that the powers-that-be in government, media, business, and academia are working squarely against the people. They were doing it all along but from the shadows. Trump’s presidency forced them to engage more directly in their evil machinations. Regardless of whether you like Trump or not, you have to admit his presence made the Deep State and its proxies play their hands ahead of schedule.

You don’t have turn friends and family into conspiracy theorists. You don’t have to be one yourself. But you should recognize that the FBI, IRS, and other government bodies are being weaponized against us. You should recognize that the official narrative is mostly false even if it comes from “right leaning” sources like Fox News. You should recognize that the Biden-Harris regime isn’t failing. They’re succeeding in their real goal of decimating our nation. Now, make others aware as well.

Improve Your Relationship With God

Thus far, this has been secular article. I saved the faith-driven point for the end for two reasons. First, those who would be offended by the expression of my faithful beliefs can stop reading and still have (hopefully) found value and inspiration to push them forward into 2024. Second, it’s the most important point.

As a Bible-believing Christian, I am asking everyone still reading this to make an effort to improve their relationship with God. If you are like me, then you already know that we can always do more to honor His Will and keep Him in mind with all we do. If you hold a different faith, then I know I risk turning you off by this request. I make it nonetheless, and it’s important to understand why.

My belief that Jesus Christ is my lord and savior combined with my love for all who I reach logically demands that I risk offending some. If I didn’t care about those reading this, I wouldn’t mention the “taboo” topic of salvation because doing so will upset most if not all who do not share this belief. But I do care about all who read this which is why I must implore them to at least consider the possibility that the Bible truly is the Word of God.

With things in this country and this world going in a direction that unambiguously reflects the end times teachings of the Bible, both Old and New Testament prophecies appear to be unfolding before us. This can be both exciting and terrifying at the same time.

But whether we’re in the end times or not, our path forward is the same. We must fight for our freedoms. We must fight for our family, our community, and our nation. We must do whatever we can to stop the dangers surrounding us and to be ready in case we fail.

Despite the tumultuous road that I believe we are all on today, I have tremendous hope for the future. If we are not in the end times then this test of our nation resilience is a wonderful challenge that I believe we can overcome and become stronger as a nation as a result. If we are in the end times then we should rejoice as we will soon be home. Either way, I’m excited about the prospects even as doom appears to be at our doorsteps.

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