Alex Stein Uvalde

Alex Stein Goes Off on Uvalde City Council “Cowards”

We know Alex Stein for his bold and hilarious mocking of everything woke. He has spoken in front of city councils and school boards across the country. He has trolled baby murder advocates, RINO Adam Kinzinger, and diva AOC. But there was nothing funny about his speech before the Uvalde City Council.

It was simply powerful. Watch:

It was particularly noteworthy that he didn’t just appeal to them emotionally. He brought up the important issues of school security, leader responsibility, feckless law enforcement, and how this tragedy has been turned into gun control fodder. It was a side of Stein that few have seen.

Hopefully, we’ll see more of this side of Alex Stein, just as long as he also keeps making us laugh from time to time.