Alaska Airlines Pride

Alaska Airlines Joins Woke Indoctrination Trend With Flights Rife With “Pride” Propaganda

As I noted in the beginning of June, this year’s “Pride Month” has been far worse than any in the past. The trend toward corporate indoctrination in which products and services are immersed with LGBTQIA+ propaganda has hit maximum volume… at least I hope. If the brainwashing efforts get any louder, everything will look like a rainbow.

Alaska Airlines is the latest company to go all-in on woke indoctrination. Their four “Delight Flights” are completely themed with “Pride” Propaganda. Those who do not want to be surrounded by rainbows, served drinks in rainbow cups, or get greeted by LGBTQIA+ messaging throughout are out of luck.

Imagine if a flight had a Christian theme to it. The ACLU would sue. Corporate media would be up in arms. Leftist protesters would be burning down terminals. Only “woke” themes are allowed in modern-day America without repercussions.

Their Facebook post on the topic is loaded with complaints from both sides of the woke/unwoke aisle. Oddly, the post cannot be embed, which means Alaska Airlines doesn’t want media to be posting about this.

According to their website:

Each month, we’re treating Alaska guests like Deb to a special Delight Flight to elevate, celebrate and spark joy in the skies, including free flights to anywhere Alaska flies, swag and more!

This month, to commemorate Pride month, Alaska surprised not one—but four lucky flights on a newly decorated Pride-inspired plane supporting the LGBTQ+ community. The plane, the first of its kind in the United States, will fly throughout our network for the next year.

In a post-truth society, it’s easy for evil to be seen as good and good to be seen as evil. That’s the purpose of this type of unavoidable, immersive indoctrination. You’ll celebrate “pride” whether you’re in the LGBTQIA+ community or not.