Al Qaeda Terror Threat

Al-Qaeda Threatens New Year’s Eve Celebrations

(Discern Report)—Al-Qaeda recently issued a threat of an “open-source Jihad” against Western and Jewish targets, including airlines, as stated in a video released last week.

Authorities such as the TSA and law enforcement agencies informed Fox News Digital that they are aware of the video and are closely monitoring the situation. Although there haven’t been credible threats resulting from the video so far, the TSA remains on high alert due to the anticipated high volume of people gathering in major cities for New Year’s celebrations.

“Foreign terrorist organizations often emphasize transportation modes during the holidays,” noted the TSA, emphasizing their heightened security measures and continuous vigilance.

The initial video, reportedly released on Christmas Day, called for heightened attacks on American, British, and French airlines. The video specifically mentioned various airlines, including American Airlines, United Airlines, Delta Airlines, British Airways, EasyJet, Air France, and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.

In response to the ongoing Israel-HAMAS conflict, the FBI highlighted that several foreign terrorist media organizations have advocated for lone-wolf attacks in the U.S. since October 7.

James Smith, assistant director in charge of New York’s FBI Field Office, emphasized their vigilance against potential terror threats and urged the public, especially those celebrating in crowded areas like Times Square, to remain alert and report anything suspicious.

The TSA assured that they maintain an intelligence-driven approach to safeguarding U.S. airlines, using both visible and hidden security measures, including computed tomography scanners, credential authentication technology, explosive-detecting canines, and the presence of Federal Air Marshals.

Smith reiterated the need for people to enjoy the New Year’s festivities while staying watchful, encouraging everyone to report any concerns promptly to law enforcement or the FBI.

The FBI requested the public’s assistance in reporting anything deemed suspicious to law enforcement or contacting their local FBI Office. Tips can also be submitted through or by calling 1-800-CALL FBI.

Article generated from corporate media reports by Discern Reporter.