AI, Palm Scanners, Facial Recognition, Augmented Reality and More: The Dystopian Future Is Now

(Natural News)—People often say that, unless something is done to stop it, the world will become a dystopian nightmare at some point in the future. The reality, though, is that we are already there.

Just in the past several years, advancements in things like AI (artificial intelligence), cashless payment systems, augmented reality and more have happened so quickly that one could argue that we are in dystopia right now – though there is still much more to come.

Unless some kind of black swan event puts an immediate stop to it, the dystopian future will rapidly become the dystopian present – and in many ways it already is.

Take palm scanning, for instance. Paying for food and other items with a swipe of the hand rather than with cash or credit used to be a futuristic concept from the Book of Revelation. However, some stores are already using it, including Whole Foods Market and its parent company Amazon at its Amazon Fresh stores.

“The palm-recognition system works by linking a user’s payment information with their unique palm print,” explains The Exposé (United Kingdom). “If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you can also link it with your Prime account – no need to fumble in the Amazon app looking for your in-store code any longer.”

“At Whole Foods, you just hover your palm over the reader once you’re ready to pay and the system will find your Prime account, apply any discounts and charge the credit card you enrolled with.”

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When reality becomes a video game

What about facial recognition systems? At the recent G20 gathering of dystopian globalist leaders in Brazil, every attendee was forced “to pass a biometric validation process by scanning their faces using Serpro’s stand devices.”

Serpro, by the way, is a Brazilian government-run data processing agency that plans to unleash facial recognition all across the land. In order to buy and sell in the near future, one will probably have to undergo a face scan, as well as pay with the swipe of the hand rather than with cash or credit.

“If they can start getting this technology in place, it will inevitably be adopted by more and more institutions,” The Exposé warns. “And then someday you may wake up and find that you can’t get a job, open a bank account or buy groceries without having your face scanned – What will you do then?”

Apple just released its infamous Apple Vision Pro augmented reality headset to “augment reality” on a continual basis, making day-to-day life more of a video game than actual reality. This will tie in well with facial recognition and palm-scanning payment systems.

“Apple claims that the Vision Pro, which starts at $3,499, is the beginning of something called ‘spatial computing,’ which basically boils down to running apps all around you,” The Exposé explains.

“And the company’s ads for it do not hedge that pressure even a little: they show people wearing the Vision Pro all the time. At work! Doing laundry! Playing with their kids! The ambition is enormous: to layer apps and information over the real world – to augment reality.”

Then there is Elon Musk’s new Neuralink brain implant chip, which will turn humans into transhumanist robot hybrids. For some reason, a lot of conservatives love Musk because he says a lot of conservative-pandering things on X, but the guy is all about destroying humanity and turning everyone into hybrid computers.

Human life is sacred, as is the natural world around us, but Musk and others like him want to destroy it by “augmenting” or “hybridizing” the natural world, humans included, with computers. Just say no, as the late Nancy Reagan once said.

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