Ahead of His Time: Over a Decade Ago, Alex Jones Railed Against Depopulationist Villain Bill Gates

For years, Infowars founder Alex Jones was called a crazy conspiracy theorist. As many are learning now, he was simply way ahead of his time as he made the right calls about so many things that used to get him branded as a loony show host.

We covered his attacks against the New World Order two decades ago in an extremely telling resurfaced video. What he was talking about back then is coming to light as true today. Now, we have a video from over a decade ago railing against depopulationist Bill Gates.

This particular rant is absolutely hilarious. Classic Alex Jones as peak Alex Jones, and on the topic of Bill Gates eleven years ago we got see him in his prime. Don’t get me wrong. He’s still there today. He’s just not nearly as shocking because more people are coming to the conclusions today that he came to long ago.

Here’s his epic rant against Gates; he went so far as to don a pink sweater while condemning him for his vaccine tyranny: