Dr. Oz Is a 'Republican' Manchurian Candidate for the Architects of The Great Reset

After Winning Primary, RINO Globalist Dr. Mehmet Oz Drops Donald Trump From Campaign Branding

Davos-globalist and RINO Dr. Mehmet Oz couldn’t declare Donald Trump’s endorsement any louder than he did before the primary for the U.S. Senate seat in Pennsylvania. Now that he’s in general-election mode, Trump can’t be seen or heard at all in his campaign.

Oz had Trump in pretty much every piece of campaign fodder from the moment he received the endorsement until primary election day. Since then… nothing. He used Trump’s name for credibility to prove he’s a Republican (he really isn’t) and then dumped him faster than Pete Davidson dumps young celebrity divas.


According to Axios:

Trump was a heavy staple of Oz’s primary campaign, showing up frequently in his ads run even before the former president endorsed him in mid-April.

After the endorsement, Trump was a near-ubiquitous fixture in Oz’s spots — even a series of six-second issue ads on guns, abortion and energy began with “endorsed by President Trump.”

Oz’s Twitter account mentioned Trump more than 70 times between the endorsement on April 9 and primary day, May 17.

On Google and Facebook, Oz’s campaign bought a barrage of Trump-focused ads during the primary.

Both his Facebook and Twitter accounts were emblazoned during the primary with a cover photo of Trump and Oz with the words “endorsed by Trump,” and his website had a pop-up to let visitors know he was “Trump-endorsed.”

Donald Trump values loyalty. The only people Dr. Mehmet Oz is loyal to are Oprah Winfrey, Klaus Schwab, and Erdoğan. Everyone else, including Trump, is just a stepping stone to achieve his anti-American agenda.