Dillon Gabriel

After Upsetting Texas to Remain Undefeated, OU Quarterback Dillon Gabriel Proclaims, “God Is Good, God Is Good”

The undefeated #10 Oklahoma Sooners met the previously undefeated #3 Texas Longhorns for their yearly Red River Rivalry game. Unlike last year’s blowout when Texas defeated the Sooners 49-0, this year’s fight was close from start to finish.

After throwing the winning touchdown with 0:15 left on the clock. OU quarterback Dillon Gabriel engaged in an activity that he does throughout the game. He pointed skyward to his Creator in thanks.

After the game, he thanked his teammates and declared that this is why he came to OU in the first place. He finished by saying, “God is good, God is good.”


The Sooners are on track to compete in the Big 12 Championship game and will be favored in their remaining games, barring major injuries. But it seems likely they will face Texas again in the championship with both teams facing lighter schedules the rest of the season.