After Trying to Hide His Status, We Now Know _Fully Vaccinated_ and _Boostered_ Democrat Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner Has Covid

After Trying to Hide His Status, We Now Know “Fully Vaccinated” and “Boostered” Democrat Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner Has Covid

Friday morning, we learned that Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner tested positive for Covid. What we didn’t know because his office wouldn’t tell anyone and the press wasn’t asking is that the Democrat is not only “fully vaccinated,” but he’s also received his booster shot.

His office finally revealed his vaccine status Friday afternoon.

Based on what we’re constantly told by  Anthony Fauci and other vaxx-nannies, being fully-vaxxed and recently boostered should mean Mayor Turner should have been safe. Instead, he’s among the massive number of so-called “rare” breakthrough cases that are “inexplicably” popping up everywhere.

According to KHOU-TV Houston:

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner has tested positive for COVID-19.

He was tested Friday after showing mild coronavirus symptoms. The mayor’s office confirmed Turner is fully vaccinated and has received a booster shot.

“I was not feeling well overnight and thought I was suffering from allergies or a sinus infection, so I decided to get tested before starting my daily schedule,” Turner said in a tweet. “Before and after getting my test results, I canceled all events for today and the weekend.”

As we’ve seen over and over again, the narrative that the vaccinated are “protected” from infection is blatantly false. Acknowledging this would render the vaxx-nannies’ argument moot and debunk the efficacy of vaccine mandates. That’s why they won’t acknowledge the facts. They are as anti-science as it gets.