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After Pretending to Not Know Whose Cocaine Was in the White House, Secret Service Reveals Drugs Found Twice in 2022 as Well

The White House cocaine story, which has been a major distraction for over a week, has been swept under the rug. In doing so, the Secret Service admitted just how incompetent (willfully or not) they are by declaring this isn’t the first time illegal substances were found in the White House during Joe Biden’s tenure.

Granted, it was just small amounts of marijuana that were found in the White House twice last year, but it’s still a prohibited substance. One would think that a Secret Service that takes their charter seriously would ramp up security, including cameras where they need to be, following the previous incidents. Nope. It’s as if they didn’t really want to know what’s happening with the regime, anyone in it, or anyone related to anyone in it.

Here are the details generated from corporate media news articles:

The White House experienced two incidents involving marijuana in 2022, prior to the discovery of cocaine in the West Wing. The Secret Service disclosed this information during a classified briefing with members of Congress regarding the cocaine investigation. The presence of marijuana on federal property, including the White House, is prohibited, although possessing less than two ounces of marijuana is not considered a crime in Washington, D.C.

According to a spokesperson for the Secret Service, “small amounts of marijuana” were found on two separate occasions in July and September of the previous year. Due to the decriminalization of marijuana possession in the District of Columbia, no arrests were made as the confiscated marijuana did not meet the legal threshold for federal or D.C. misdemeanor charges. The agents collected the marijuana and ensured its destruction. The spokesperson emphasized that both instances involved less than 0.2 ounces of marijuana and highlighted D.C.’s marijuana decriminalization policy.

The Secret Service has not yet responded to inquiries from Fox News Digital regarding the prohibition of illicit substances on federal property.

Representative Lauren Boebert, a Republican from Colorado, expressed concern about the lack of video surveillance in the area where the cocaine was discovered during the Fourth of July weekend. Boebert also noted that marijuana had been found twice on the White House grounds in 2022 during President Biden’s tenure. She suggested that security measures should have been in place before the cocaine incident and questioned the type of individuals being allowed into the White House under the current administration.

During the classified briefing, Boebert specifically inquired about the security measures in the lockers where the cocaine was found. She mentioned that the Secret Service admitted that the key to the relevant locker was missing. Boebert stated that there were 182 lockers in that foyer and over 500 people had accessed the West Wing during the weekend in question. However, none of those individuals are currently considered suspects, and the investigation seems focused on closing the case rather than pursuing further leads.

Boebert also revealed that there are no logs or video surveillance of the lockers. The Secret Service conducted background searches on the over 500 individuals who entered the West Wing during that weekend but did not find any results that flagged specific persons. Boebert suggested that every staffer who was present during that time should undergo drug testing.

Representative Jamie Raskin, a Democrat from Maryland, defended the Secret Service, arguing that subjecting hundreds of potential suspects to drug tests would be an excessive violation of civil liberties. Raskin compared the situation to finding small amounts of drugs in the Capitol Complex, stating that it would not be reasonable to drug test all employees in such cases.

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