Nancy and Paul Pelosi

After Nancy Pelosi Repeatedly Said Nobody Is Above the Law, Paul Pelosi Appears to Be Above the Law

Being the husband of the Speaker of the House apparently has its privileges. Paul Pelosi, who was arrested this weekend on suspicion of DUI, experienced several instances of special treatment, as detailed by Twitter user Nathandan.

The Paul Pelosi case just gets stranger

  • He had priors so it should have been a felony
  • Police waited 4.5 hours to breathalyze him, by which time his blood was at .08 (the minimum)
  • No mugshot available
  • No dash cam/body cam footage
  • Nancy may have been with him.

When Nancy Pelosi targeted President Trump for TWO impeachments, she repeatedly said that nobody is above the law. This was her dog whistle she used for media to make false claims that Trump thought he would not be held accountable for actions that didn’t require accountability.

Whatever is really happening with Paul Pelosi’s case, don’t expect to hear much about it from police or “investigative” journalists who are beholden to her. This has already been memory holed. Nothing happened, y’all!