Bill Gates Mosquito

After Malaria Inexplicably Discovered in America, We Have to Wonder If Bill Gates Has a Miracle “Vaccine” Coming

As we reported yesterday, Malaria has somehow been introduced into mosquitoes stateside and infected Americans for the first time in 20 years. This coincides with the release of tens of millions of Bill Gates mosquitoes for whatever evil plan he has cooked up.

Is it for the sake of a miracle “vaccine” that he has up his sleeve?

Conspiracy theorist Liz Churchill has questions:

It must be a coincidence that from 2003-2023 there wasn’t one case of Malaria spread by mosquitos…and along comes a company funded by Bill Gates…to solve a problem that didn’t exist…and suddenly in the exact places where he releases mosquitos…there’s an outbreak of Malaria?

The key phrase there is “to solve a problem that didn’t exist…”

Scientists working for Gates came up with many excuses for why they “needed” to release these modified abominations into the wild, but none of them hold water. Now we have to wonder if the real reason is manifesting in front of our eyes today. Does he have a vaccine cooked up? Will he give it away for “free,” or as reality likes to call it, “tax-payer funded”? Is Bill Gates about to make billions more while prompting tens of millions of Americans to take another round of mRNA jabs? We’ll be monitoring this closely.