James Comer (1)

After FBI Ignores Congressional Subpoena, Feckless GOP Sends Them a Harshly Worded Letter

Generally speaking, I like Congressman James Comer. With that said, I am concerned that he has neither the will nor the bite necessary to go head-to-head with the FBI regarding their coverup of the Biden Crime Family’s misdeeds.

After failing to produce subpoenaed documents, the FBI proceeded to have meetings with Comer and the Oversight Committee. During these meetings, they continued to refuse to deliver the necessary documents that many believe would implicate the current President of the United States in a series of influence peddling schemes.

So, we got another letter dropped late on a Friday in hopes that nobody notices.

This is not the action of those involved in a serious inquiry to uncover massive malfeasance at the highest level. This are campaign fundraising fodder so the GOP members of the Oversight Committee can say they’re doing something.

They’re not doing something. They’re barking. We don’t need barking. We need a pit bull mentality to drive real actions.

Comments on Twitter were not kind.


Do you know who drops harshly worded letters making feckless demands late on a Friday afternoon? Unserious people who aren’t really trying to protect the American people. This is garbage.