Afghan Kidneys

Afghans Selling Kidneys to Feed Their Families Thanks to Biden’s Buddies in the Taliban

In the weeks after the botched withdrawal of U.S. forces from Afghanistan, western governments and corporate media tried to paint the “new and more gentle” Taliban as different from the brutal totalitarians they were before. Propaganda filled American televisions showing how the new leaders of Afghanistan would be more respectful of human rights. Meanwhile economic prosperity was going to grow for most Afghanis.

Fast-forward to today and many who are trapped under the Taliban have resorted to selling their kidneys just to be able to keep their families from starving. According to Faithwire:

As the world focuses attention on the persisting crisis in Ukraine, the unending catastrophe plaguing Afghanistan has all but escaped the headlines.

Yet the Afghan people’s immeasurable pain continues. Just months after the Taliban took back power, their nation is reportedly in tatters, with persecution, chaos, and poverty abounding. Amid the chaos and consideration, AFP reports that a “growing number” of Afghans are selling their kidneys to survive intense hunger. Some are selling the organ for just $1,500.

The problem is so pervasive one area near Herat, Afghanistan, has been dubbed “one-kidney village.” The practice was reportedly illegal before the Taliban takeover but is no longer, according to The Telegraph. One 32-year-old man named Nooruddin told AFP he sold his kidney to provide for his family, but he is now in pain and regrets his decision.

“I had to do it for the sake of my children,” he said. “I didn’t have any other option.”

Nooruddin’s 12-year-old son is now the family’s breadwinner, bringing in 70 cents per day shining shoes. This video has more: (caution: graphic content):

The Middle Eastern nation, which was not doing very well when American troops and companies were operating there, is plummeting into total destitution. This is Joe Biden’s fault for botching the withdrawal and being unwilling to call out the leaders he allowed to take charge in our wake.

By no means am I suggesting we should have stayed there. We should have withdrawn long ago. But instead of leaving behind billions of dollars worth of weapons for terrorists to have, perhaps the Biden regime could have worked with the Taliban to ensure the people of Afghanistan would have their basic needs met. Instead, he rushed out of the country in haphazard fashion despite having months to plan the departure.