Adrenochrome “Conspiracy Theory” Gets Fresh Round of Fake News “Debunkings” With “Sound of Freedom” in the News

Two things have hit the Globalist Elite Cabal’s radar in recent weeks. We know this because of the unhinged reactions by their puppets in corporate media. The first has been well-covered as “Sound of Freedom” continues to do well at the box office, exposing some of the realities of the global child sex trade.

The second is a side-effect from the movie’s success. Both star Jim Caviezel and subject Tim Ballard have discussed adrenochrome publicly. For those unfamiliar with the theory, I’m not going to go into details here… not yet, at least. It’s a topic that needs a full story of its own. When discussing something as demonic as adrenochrome, half-measures just won’t do. I would encourage anyone unfamiliar with the topic to do research if they can. It’s challenging to sift through the suppression pieces by corporate media which “debunk” it, and it’s equally challenging to get around the twisted but false theories about it. Adrenochrome is real and many of the theories of its use by powerful people are true, as both Caviezel and Ballard have documented.

Truth Justice on Twitter wrote about it with an interview of Caviezel and Ballard by Jordan Peterson:

THE SOUND OF FREEDOM: Exposes The Pedophile Economy enslaving millions of innocent children around the world to a life of rape, torture and murder. Tim Ballard, former Homeland Security Special Agent confirms Adrenochrome is real. They take the children’s blood and they drink it.

The U.S. Department of Labor and the United Nations estimate that there are over 6 million innocent children who are forced into sex slavery, labor slavery and organ harvesting. It is absolutely a real thing. The United States is the number one consumer of child rape materials and close to number one in production.

85,000 unaccompanied minors were let into the United States and delivered to a Sponsor without the Sponsor being vetted, DNA checked or having a background check. Thousands were under the age of five. This is the Economy of Pedophilia in the United States.

There are baby factories, real cases where they have kidnapped women as young as 13 year old children and impregnate them, they rape them and they make babies. Then they take these babies and sell them for their organs, sell them for sex and sell them for satanic ritual abuse. This is very real and it is really happening.

Why is the Mainstream Media ignoring these horrific crimes? Tim Ballard says: I think it is because if there are 2 million children forced into commercial sex a lot of people are involved. There are people who don’t want this exposed because they are involved in it.

Tim Ballard goes on to say that there is something called Adrenochrome where they are taking the children’s blood and devouring it. It is very real, they take these children, they take their organs, they take their blood and they drink it. They take the genitals of children and hang it over the rooftop of their businesses thinking the dark gods will bless them. These are real things happening to innocent children.

Tim Ballard was with the CIA for one year and then transferred to the United States Homeland Security Investigations Division as an Undercover Special Agent. During his time with Homeland Security he was asked to join a newly formed Child Crimes Unit.

During his first assignment in the Child Crimes Unit Tim was so shocked by what he saw, he would never be the same. In his first case in 2002 he was given VHS videos and hard drives that he had to look at. While explaining what he saw during this interview Tim holds back tears remembering the very first images he had to see.

He saw three little boys, 7, 5 and 3 years old who looked like his own children, who were being raped by a Pedophile. He was so shocked, that he dropped to his knees and dry heaved in a waste basket thinking he was going to throw up. He suffers from PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder) because of seeing the horrors being done to innocent children. Child rape videos have increased by 5000 percent recently.

After viewing these shocking images Tim Ballard could never see the world in the same way. He had to come to grips with the fact that there are millions of people who are Pedophiles, only millions of Pedophiles could justify a demand for millions of child exploitation materials and videos. Ernst Oshinsky the real Pedophile who was arrested in the Sound of Freedom movie had over 2 million pieces of child rape material in his house.

Tim had to be confronted with the reality that there are millions of people on this planet who want to indulge in watching 5 year old children be raped and sexual assaulted in ways unimaginable. To watch children’s bodies actually break in the act of sexual assault, acts that your mind couldn’t imagine, but is real, is so shocking to the system it changes your life forever.

When Tim Ballard says children’s bodies actually break in the act of sexual assault he is referring to the pelvic bones of the innocent children breaking apart as a result of being brutally raped by an adult male. Children’s bodies were not designed to be raped by an adult. This is the most horrific crime a child must endure.

Pedophiles include all walks of life Tim says, he has arrested educators, lawyers, law enforcement and clergymen. These Pedophiles have normalized raping and torturing children. He says something has taken over them which scares him when he looks into their eyes. They believe their behavior is normal he says.

Jim Caviezel says it wounds God in the greatest way when you take these innocent children who have done nothing, who have no sin and kill the most innocent. He goes on to say very emotionally that he hears the screams of these children in his heart because of the agents that he worked with. He was weeping so hard by the horrors of what he saw. He viewed this evidence because he had to know the pain and suffering of these children in order to share this truth with the world. He goes on to say the Media and the 3 letter agencies are not telling the truth.

Jordan Peterson asks Jim Caviezel how has this movie changed you? Jim says “I would give my life in a heartbeat. I am less concerned about myself. I will tell you this right now, I would absolutely die, if this were to change the world and get rid of trafficking and pornography and all of the 8 arms of this Octopus that has to be destroyed. The only way you can destroy it, is to take the head off. If that happened, I would give my life in a heartbeat.”

The Head of this 8 armed Octopus that Jim Caviezel is talking about is the Committee of 300.

A Scripture that Tim Ballard remembers and recites to help him stay strong and focused on his child trafficking rescue operations is “Better than a millstone be placed around your neck and you tossed to the bottom of the sea than you should hurt one of these little ones.” God clearly stands against children being abused, raped, tortured and murdered. There is righteous violence coming to those who hurt children.

Our innocent children are being targeted like never before Tim says. There are groups trying to get rid of the name Pedophile and call themselves Minor Attracted Persons. At the same time they are sexualizing children in schools, teachers are giving them pornography to read, things we used to be able to arrest them for in the past. Now children can consent to Transgender mutilation which will lead to children consenting to having sex with a Pedophile. Our culture is enslaving millions of children to a future life of rape and torture. If we do nothing to stop this, we are all guilty of these horrific crimes.

For those who are skeptical about or new to these conspiracy theories, it can be a lot to take in. It can seem too satanic to be real, but it is. As for the adrenochrome portion, this isn’t just a “QAnon theory” as recent stories from corporate media have depicted. They’ve been experimenting with adrenochrome since the 1950s as a matter of public record and they’ve been doing child blood sacrifices for millennia, long before anyone had ever coined the term “adrenochrome.”

Lara Logan recently highlighted one such study from 1995 on the NIH website:

Well, well…what have we here? The NIH testing the effects of adrenochrome on humans. So it’s not a “conspiracy”. My question: where did the NIH get this adrenochrome they harvested, acc to their study? Effects of adrenochrome & epinephrine on human…

Someday I’ll do a deep dive into the subject. As I noted, it’s not good to skim over because the roots of this demonic practice are far older than U.S. government experiments or Hollywood pedophilia. There is an agenda that uses children to advance the Globalist Elite Cabal’s members, and that agenda is the most perverse “conspiracy theory” in action today.

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