Tiffany Epps

Is Ray Epps a Pedophile and Is This How the Feds Are Able to Control Him?

Editor’s Note: All aspects of this story are being reported based on corroboration done by other journalists. For example, Dom Lucre claims to have seen Tiffany Epps’ personal credentials, including adoption paperwork. We have no reason to doubt anything told in the Twitter Spaces interview below, but we have not independently verified it.

Tiffany Epps, the adopted daughter of Ray Epps, claims he began sexually molesting her when she was 14-years-old. She claims he was abusive in other ways as well. The details she paints of the January 6 provocateur’s life include strange incidents, such as the time when “Sgt James Ray Epps” was arrested in Mexico.

Here is the Twitter Spaces that had several asking questions, including Lucre and #WalkawayMovement founder Brandon Straka. Tiffany Epps comes on around the 25-minute mark:

We have reached out to Tiffany Epps to do an interview with us. Leave a comment about this article on my Substack.