Actual Violent Crimes Are A-OK in the NFL, But Thought Crimes Got Jon Gruden Excommunicated

Actual Violent Crimes Are A-OK in the NFL, But Thought Crimes Got Jon Gruden Excommunicated

Michael Vick killed dogs for sport and was heralded by the National Football League. Richard Sherman is playing right now after being arrested for domestic violence, one of dozens of players who did not lose their jobs over actual violence against women. Jon Gruden sent private emails that equated to thought crimes and will never coach in the NFL again.

This encapsulates America today in which breaking “woke” rules is far more serious of a crime than committing actual violence. As Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh posted earlier on Facebook:

Richard Sherman was arrested for domestic violence this past summer. He is currently playing for the Bucs. Jon Gruden used vulgar language in private emails several years ago. He is now out of a job. If you think this is about simple “accountability,” you’re a moron. Nobody was a victim of Gruden’s vulgar comments in his private emails. The people who received the emails didn’t care. Nobody else knew about them. Nobody was hurt or even offended. Call it what it is: Gruden is getting canceled for thought crimes.

The thought police have embraced cancel culture in a way that promotes their Neo-Marxist agenda. There’s no other way to look at this. Jon Gruden learned this the hard way by sending private emails to people that included thought crimes against protected classes. He had the nerve to go after Joe Biden. Had he been “exposed” for sending mean emails about Donald Trump or complaints about straight white males, he would still have a job today.

The backwards tenets of Cultural Marxism demand his excommunication from the NFL just as they demand the cancelation of any conservative who voices opinions against the progressive rot we’re seeing in America today. This is why the January 6 protesters are being hunted by the FBI while Antifa and BLM domestic terrorists are not even being acknowledged by law enforcement. It’s why cities like Seattle and Portland are being allowed to deteriorate for the sake of “equity.” And it’s why conservatives are banned by Big Tech while violent radical leftists are promoted.

Seemingly overnight, America has become a post-truth society in which the powers-that-be call evil good, and good evil. They put darkness for light, and light for darkness. All the while, reality is being subverted in favor of false justice.