Dean Cain

Actor Dean Cain Offers a Three-Word Response for Dementia Joe’s Tribute to George Floyd

Today marks the four-year anniversary of the drug-induced death of George Floyd. Despite the clear evidence that he died as a result of fentanyl in his body, former police officer Derek Chauvin rots in jail after being convicted for second-degree murder.

The Biden-Harris regime and their social media interns posted a tribute to Floyd on X. As one might expect, they painted him as an inspiring hero who changed the world. They also called for more action as a result of his death. Do they want a repeat of the 2020 shenanigans that caused entire towns to burn?

Conservative Christian actor Dean Cain had a three word response that perfectly fits the occasion.

“Don’t do drugs!”

George Floyd is the most obvious among a large group of leftist icons whose fame and status derive from breaking the law.