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ACHTUNG: Former KGB Officer Tells German Newspaper That Russia No Longer Has Functional Nuclear Weapons

Is Russia’s aged and decimated nuclear arsenal even worse-off than many believe? According to a German newspaper, there are no functional nuclear weapons available to Vladimir Putin anymore.

It seems very hard to believe… or is it? After all, nobody has seen a nuclear weapon used or even tested from Russia in decades. We’ve seen the poor condition their conventional weapons are in when they initially invaded Ukraine. Could the nuclear card, which Putin has been using as a threat for nearly a year now, be misleading?

According to the rough translation from BILD:

Putin no longer has atomic bombs

It is Russia’s most important trump card: the atomic bomb!

For weeks now, Kremlin dictator Vladimir Putin (70) has been using threats of nuclear weapons again to break Western support for Ukraine.

But now a former Russian intelligence insider is speaking out, questioning Putin’s ability to make use of his nuclear arsenal. BECAUSE: According to the ex-spy, who served in the KGB at the same time as Putin, it is very likely that Russia no longer has any nuclear weapons!

This is not one of those theories we should want anyone to put to the test. If the report is wrong, it could mean billions dead if the U.S. or NATO act on it.