Achieve Better Sleep with This Science-Backed App


For many of us, it’s not easy to sleep.

Our minds are racing with a family issue or politics or a problem with work. When we lay down and get quiet, our minds go into overdrive.

When we can’t sleep, things get worse. Sleeping less than seven hours a day is closely linked to developing health conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, stroke, and more.

To turn off our minds, some of us turn on a show on the TV or Netflix or another streaming service.

But those shows are created to get you excited — not to calm you down.

That’s where Restflix can help.

It slows down your mind, relaxes you — and gets you ready for sleep.

Restflix, which boasts a 4.5 out of 5 rating on the App Store, is a streaming service featuring binaural beats, technology that harnesses the brain’s responsiveness to sound and alters its degree of arousal. And now, you can get a lifetime subscription for an extra discount (plus, the Liberty Daily benefits when you do).

Restflix has over 10 personalized channels packed with:

— Soothing sounds

— Bedtime stories

— Calming visuals, and more

Not only can you sleep better, but you can also make major strides in overcoming insomnia, tinnitus, night-time anxiety, and everyday stress.

Restflix helps you reach a restful state.


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New content is added weekly, so you’ll never get bored of what’s available on the platform. You can also use it on multiple devices, including Apple TV, iOS, Roku, Android, and Fire TV.

Restflix was named the Best Sleep App to Drift off to by Livestrong.

Entrepreneur Magazine says, “You don’t have to struggle to sleep each night and drag through each day. Get the best sleep of your life with Restflix.”

“Great purchase! It contains an astounding variety of soundscapes for quick and restful sleep. Absolutely worth it!” — VK Maverick.

A lifetime subscription to Restflix usually goes for $599, but for a limited time, you can get it on sale for only $99.99.