Aaron Rodgers Exposes NFL’s Draconian Vaxx-Mandate Tactics to Joe Rogan and It’s Worth Watching Every Minute

Future NFL Hall-of-Famer Aaron Rodgers made waves last year when he caught Covid-19 and revealed he had not taken the jabs. He was mercilessly attacked for his stance on the injections and lambasted for catching the disease.

As it turned out, he caught it from a “vaccinated” player, but that’s a detail the vaxx-nannies don’t mention.

On Joe Rogan’s show, Rodgers unloaded on the NFL and the tactics they used to try to pressure players for the sake of virtue signaling a high percentage of jab-adoption. Watch this clip [adult language warning]:

Rodgers said, “We’re going to virtue signal and say, ‘Look how righteous our league is — we have 95% compliance.'”

Rogan noted the use of the word “compliance.”

The NFL sent “experts” around to gaslight as many players as possible. Such tactics have been done by other companies in an effort to fight “disinformation” about the vaccines. As it turned out, the “disinformation” was mostly accurate. As I noted on Twitter:

Here’s the extended clip from Rogan.

As Clay Travis noted, Aaron Rodgers, Kyrie Irving, and Novak Djokovic have all been attacked for not submitted to the jabs like the rest of the sheep. They are quickly being proven to be the smartest men in their sports.

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