A Young Child in Galveston County Was Used to Tout Child VAXX Push Before M.E. Reverses Covid Death Claim

A Young Child in Galveston County Was Used to Tout Child VAXX Push Before M.E. Reverses Covid Death Claim

A 4-year-old girl was reported in September as being the first child Covid death in Galveston County, Texas. The news was widely broadcast and used as a way to scare concerned parents into getting their children vaccinated now that the Covid jabs are available for kids as young as five. But the medical examiner quietly reversed the initial report on cause of death, now saying that it is “undetermined.”

The report was made late Friday evening to bury in the weekend news vacuum. According to Click2Houston:

The Galveston County District Attorney’s Office confirmed Friday that the death of a 4-year-old Galveston County girl, who officials originally said died due to COVID-19, has now been ruled undetermined by medical examiners.

Assistant district attorney at Galveston County’s DA’s Office, Kevin Petroff, said they do not anticipate criminal charges being filed and the case is now closed. The news comes months after officials originally claimed the little girl, named Kali Cook, was the first child-related COVID-19 death in the county.

Children have an infinitesimal risk of death from Covid-19. It is so low that in many areas of the country, particularly those with low vaccination rates, there have been zero reports of children dying from Covid-19 despite a spike in cases. Yet government and mainstream media have been fearmongering incessantly; many if not most parents are extremely concerned about their young children acquiring a disease without realizing it has a 99.993% recovery rate among kids, far greater than the flu or other common ailments in children.

But the death of this girl and reports that she died from Covid-19 spread throughout Galveston County. Within two months, the push to inject children as young as five with an experimental drug that has massive reports of adverse reactions has ramped up. This flies in the face of studies that show the vaccines have a higher death rate in people under the age of 20 than the disease it is supposed to protect them against.

According to The Galveston County Daily News:

Lily Buergler, 9, didn’t seem too worried about the shot she was about to get. Her older sister, who’s 12, had gotten one months ago, so had her parents. If anything, Lily was excited that she would hold a unique title among her friends at Trinity Episcopal School.

“They’re probably going to be, like, already?” Lily said, just minutes after getting her shot.

Lily and her brother Grant were among the first people ages 5 through 11 years to receive a dose of the Pfizer COVID vaccine. Both got their shots at the Teen Health Center clinic at Austin Middle School in Galveston.

“I just want my kids to get vaccinated,” mother Francie Buergler said. “It gives us some relief and security. It will make things a little more relaxed.”

Buergler had waited weeks for the chance to schedule shots for her children. The go-ahead came Tuesday when the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention approved low-dose versions of the Pfizer COVID vaccine for young children.

About 54,000 Galveston County children are younger than age 12 and were ineligible to receive vaccines before the approval. Most now can be inoculated, although studies are still being conducted on the vaccines for children younger than age 5.

Our government and mainstream media is suppressing the facts about Covid-19 across the board, but their censorship of data pertaining to children is a heinous act. Meanwhile, too many parents are being duped into thinking they’re “protecting” their children with the jabs.

Image by SELF Magazine, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons.