Disband the FBI

7 Reasons to Disband the FBI

The Federal Bureau of Investigations is not the national law enforcement agency that most Americans believe it to be. It is a Deep State strongarming group that views American citizens as the enemy. They do the bidding of the globalist elites, protecting politicians and organizations who align with their agenda while going after anyone they see as a threat to that agenda.

Some say they are purely supportive of Democrats, but this is not completely accurate. They’re aligned with the Deep State’s agenda, and while 9 times out of 10 that means Democrats, there are many Republicans (well, RINOs) who are also under the protective wing of the FBI. Their true enemy is not the GOP but America First patriots, most of whom happen to be in the GOP.

RINOs generally get a pass from the FBI.

It is time to enact a plan to disband the FBI. Some may argue that we should reform the organization but I believe the rot is too well-developed to make reforms practical. We can fill any gaps in law enforcement with a combination of U.S. Marshals and interstate cooperation between local law enforcement agencies. Today’s police and sheriff’s departments often have the technological sophistication to put them on par with the FBI, a status that was not common just a couple of decades ago.

On today’s episode of The JD Rucker Show, I was joined by my wife to discuss several stories pointing to the need to get rid of the FBI. That video and show notes are below, but first I wanted to list seven reasons I believe it is time to disband the FBI for good. We’ve seen nothing but bad news from them in recent years. I don’t recall the last major bust they had that actually protected American citizens. Instead, their actions have been working against Americans, just as Ron Paul declared over three decades ago.

  1. Zero Transparency in Affidavit: This is the last straw in my book. Their unwillingness to explain their actions to a very interested public with yesterday’s ridiculously redacted affidavit demonstrates they don’t just hate us. They also lack any respect for us.
  2. Mar-a-Lago Raid: This was the last straw for many other Americans. They raided a former president for a “crime” that has been committed by every president in modern history. Donald Trump’s “crime” was far less concerning to national security than what the past three presidents at the very least have done. Also, knowing that they raided Donald Trump before Hunter Biden is an absolute joke.
  3. Gretchen Whitmer Fednapping: Entrapment is a very serious offense, yet Americans are being prosecuted for acting on the prompting of the FBI. We have to ask ourselves if the men who planned to kidnap Gretchen Whitmer would have made such plans if the FBI never infiltrated them.
  4. January 6th: We now know that dozens of agents and operatives participated in prompting attendees of the mostly peaceful process to enter the Capitol Building. This, perhaps more than anything else, tells us their true targets are not criminals but America First patriots.
  5. Hunter Biden’s Laptop: The FBI had the laptop from hell in 2019. They didn’t just ignore it. They willfully and aggressively covered it up. This makes one wonder if the Deep State and the powers-that-be had plans for Joe Biden to be installed long before the first Democrat primary. Otherwise, why wouldn’t they have just let Joe go down for Hunter’s many offenses and then pick someone else to install? Then, there are the recent revelations that the FBI ordered Big Tech companies and likely corporate media to suppress the laptop story when it broke a month before the 2020 election.
  6. Russiagate: Many articles and a few books have been written about the massive malfeasance committed by multiple FBI agents to manufacture the Russiagate hoax. That particular piece of work demonstrated corruption from bottom to top, leading me to my conclusion that they simply cannot be reformed.
  7. Hillary Clinton Let Off: It’s funny how in the affidavit they list the numbers of confidential, secret, and top secret documents they got from Mar-a-Lago. The reason it’s funny is because it’s reminiscent of what James Comey said about Hillary Clinton’s emails when he declared he was letting her off the hook. Being locked away at Mar-a-Lago is exponentially more secure than Clinton blasting sensitive documents out through an unsecured email server. None of what they took from Mar-a-Lago has ever been seen by foreign agents, while EVERYTHING Clinton sent out was likely intercepted one way or another.

There are good FBI agents. We know this because of the dozens of whistleblowers coming forward now. But the bad greatly outweighs the good within the bureau so anything positive they’ve done in recent years is moot. To say the FBI should be kept because they occasionally do good work is like defending Nazis because they built roads. The evil is far greater than the good.

Here’s today’s show.

Here are my show notes:

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