. . . 7 Reasons Freeze-Dried Steaks Are in Your Future

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Americans are becoming increasingly aware that the powers-that-be are attacking our food supply. This is why we work with an America-First, veteran-owned Texas company to supply the people with long-term storage beef.

Here are seven reasons why the sous vide, freeze-dried, shelf-stable steak at WholeCowsTLD.com should be at the top of your shopping list…

  1. Food Prices Keep Rising – Between rampant inflation, bureaucratic red tape, and mysterious calamities hitting our food supply, the prices of nearly all foods are rising dramatically. Stocking up now with beef that has a 25-year shelf life will prove to be a genius-level investment when prices start skyrocketing.
  2. Lab-Grown Meats Are Disgusting – They just are. That’s it. If you’ve ever seen how chicken nuggets are made, multiple that ten-fold on the disgusting scale and you’ll have the lab-grown meats they’re currently trying to push on us.
  3. Bugs Are Even More Disgusting – If you need an explanation for why bugs are disgusting to eat, then there’s a cricketburger with your name on it right around the corner.
  4. Who Controls the Food Supply Controls the People – Henry Kissinger’s dreams of global domination are finally coming to pass. He tried to live to see the day but couldn’t get past 100-years-old. Unfortunately for us, he only missed it by a year or two.
  5. mRNA Beef Is Coming – Did you know pork in America has been getting injected with mRNA vaccines since 2018? The vast majority had no idea until this year. Now, they’re in the process of not only pressing to inject cows, but they’re trying to limit transparency on the labeling. Dr. Joseph Mercola, Dr. Robert Malone, Dr. Peter McCullough, and attorney Thomas Renz have been ringing that alarm bell all year.
  6. Those Who Aren’t Prepared Will Be Dependent on Government – It doesn’t matter how patriotic someone is. If they are forced to choose between feeding their families or not, they’re going to be willing to do anything even if it means bending the knee to a tyrannical government. Only those who prepared themselves with enough high-quality food to survive will be able to keep their freedoms.
  7. Real Texas Steaks Make for Tasty Dinners for Decades – Nearly all of the survival meat products out there are truly unappetizing. Some may think they won’t care about quality if the crap hits the fan. Those same people clearly haven’t tried “beef crumbles,” also known as meat-flavored porridge. At Vigilant Beef, we offer sous vide, freeze-dried Ribeye, NY Strip, Tenderloin, and Original Steak to make sure Americans can eat well through the apocalypse. It’s so good that many have added it to their regular meal schedule.

This year, we will be adding Bison and other proteins to our survival food offering, so we need to make room at the warehouse. WholeCowsTLD.com is offering promo code “tld25” for an unprecedented 25% off orders. Visit Whole Cows TLD today and stock up on premium long-term storage beef.