Joe Biden

6 Most Dangerous Schemes Currently Underway in America Thanks to Traitor Joe and His Puppet-Master Globalists

(Natural News)—Did you know that exposing the Left’s crimes is a crime? It’s like arresting someone who videotapes a bank robber coming out of a bank with the stolen bags of money. The cameraman gets arrested for “challenging” the robbers with proof of the crime. That’s communism for you, and that’s the Biden Regime. Whistleblowers are being arrested. Peaceful protesters are being tortured in DC gulags.

For four straight years, every Democrat and every Democratic news broadcast moaned that Trump stole the 2016 election, that he was an illegitimate President, and that the election was fixed, rigged, stolen. It was election denial to the thousandth degree, and it flooded the news 24/7/365 for 4 years.

Now, if you dare even suggest that the 2020 election was rigged by the Democrats’ faked mail-in ballots, Dominion’s vote-flipping machines and corrupt poll workers who pulled suitcases full of ballots out from under the desks after midnight, well, you are banned from all of social media and should expect a visit from the FBI at your front door around 3 a.m., soon. They’ve got some questions for you, and maybe a paddy wagon to take you to the concentration camps (DC jails).

Be sure not to talk to any Democrats or Liberals about elections, climate change, God or biological genders, or you will be deemed a “white supremacist” and a “domestic terrorist” by the Biden Regime (that hates all white people, religion and the USA).

Be sure not to talk to any millionaires and billionaires about fake climate change while they are boarding or de-boarding their yachts and gas-guzzling private jets.

Be sure NOT to ask your doctor about any vaccines that are already made for a pandemic that has not started yet, and for a disease or virus that is not able to transfer from animals to humans or humans to humans yet.

Be sure not to protest any Democrat corruption, while Black Lives Matters and Antifa burn down entire cities, rape people in the street and loot entire businesses into bankruptcy, on camera, and never even get charged with a crime (thanks to Soros-appointed D.A.s).

Be sure not to eat beef, chicken, turkey, pig, cheese, ice cream, sour cream or drink milk that has been tainted with vascular-clogging spike proteins. This will compound any inflammation you have, cause strains on your heart, disrupt your central nervous system and possibly make you go insane.

6 Most dangerous schemes underway right now in America, thanks to the Biden Regime and his puppet-master globalists

  1. The Green New Scam (Deal) & the Climate Change Hoax
  2. Attempts to steal most of Trump’s votes
  3. Substitute humans with machines (AI)
  4. A new first-amendment-crippling “Patriot Act” disguised as a “TikTok ban
  5. The next plandemic and mRNA death jabs to go with it
  6. Adulterating all meat and dairy with vascular-clotting spike prions

Just like when Obama was in charge, all the “green” companies were just ploys for laundering millions and billions of dollars to his friends and cohorts. All those companies went belly up within a couple years, never even planning to function in the first place. Now we see all the same type of scams with the latest “green” companies that are just fronts for the Biden Regime to embezzle billions of dollars. From solar power to windmills, and from electric cars to banning gas ovens, it’s all a scam, a hoax, a way to control taxpayers and wreck the middle class.

Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain. He is not a wizard, or a President at all. He’s just a senile old liar who likes sitting by the pool and having little kids rub the hairs on his thighs while he sniffs their hair. No wonder the borders are kept open, as it’s these creeps that are in charge of all the human trafficking.

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