5G? Marburg Virus? Lipid Nanoparticles? ZOMBIES? What in the World Is Coming on October 4?

As a general rule, I like to keep the conspiracy theories I follow limited to those that a skeptical American would consider. Anything that’s way out there, I avoid. It’s not that I think they’re not possibly true, but there’s enough that is very likely real to keep me busy. For example, I’m pretty sure that the official narrative about Building 7 is false but I’m also pretty sure the Earth isn’t flat.

The video here by Greg Reese from Infowars borders on being a bit too “fringe” for my sensibilities. But here’s the thing. Even though I believe it’s unlikely, it’s also based in enough facts (or at least plausible suspicions) that it behooves me to consider it.

Do I think there will be zombies walking around on October 5th after some 5G pulses the day before? No. But am I sure? Nope. Therefore, considering the powers-that-be do seem bent on a depopulation and control agenda, I decided to publish the video.

How bad would it be to turn our devices off for a couple of hours? For most, it’s not a big deal. Read a book. Play with the kids. Take a nap. And when you wake up and the world hasn’t ended, you’ll at least be refreshed.

Of course, the most likely scenario is this response from M.D. Creekmore: