Cattle Industry

5 Ways the Collapse of the Beef Industry Is Being Manufactured

Attacks against the beef and cattle industries today are unprecedented. What is happening? Why is it happening? Who is behind it? Can we stop it?

We’re witnessing a multi-front war that seems to have the sole intent of preventing Americans from eating wholesome, all-natural beef in the very near future.

As all-American companies, our sponsors are often the targets of attacks that are designed to take them down. The survival beef industry is no exception and while we benefit from purchases made with them, we would definitely be ringing the alarm bells even if they weren’t supporting us.

Here are the five biggest ways the powers-that-be are trying to collapse the beef industry altogether.

  • Force-Fed Meat Alternatives: The reviews are in. Plant-based meats which were all the rage just a couple of years ago are struggling to find buyers. Lab-grown meat taste tests that are happening in America and abroad are mysteriously not getting published and we all have a good idea why. Insect-based proteins are only popular for those wanting to virtue signal. The vast majority of Americans want real meat that was raised in a pasture, not mutated in a petri dish. But that’s not stopping heavy investments from both American and foreign oligarchs who are force-feeding meat alternatives to drive their dystopian visions.
  • Bureaucratic Tyranny: It seems every level of government from local to federal has agencies and departments that are going after meat with the cattle industry as their primary target. They’re adding pointless regulations every week to an industry that was already overregulated. Unfortunately, many of the state and county governing bodies in the cattle industry itself have also been captured as they promote more “oversight” that has the walls closing in on farmers, ranchers, producers, and distributors alike.
  • Public-Private Partnerships: The latest bad guys to emerge onto the beef scene are public-private partnerships. This is where “Big Ag” and mega-corporate food distributors work directly with government to bully small producers into playing ball. It’s hitting the beef industry the same way Monsanto has hit the produce industry but with far more government backing.
  • Inflated Inflation: The math doesn’t add up. At every step of the beef production cycle we’re seeing prices rise faster than other food products. Everything from equipment and feed to production and distribution is getting hit with unprecedented hikes in costs. It’s all pointing to beef being priced out of the average consumer’s range.
  • Manufactured “Health” Issues: Beef is apparently bad for the environment. And the heart. And the liver. And the pharmaceutical industry. Beef has been specifically targeted as the boogeyman causing all of our ills. Add in the sudden (alleged) rise of bird flu and we can no longer doubt something is afoot. Corporate media is dutifully echoing the fearmongering. It’s like an anti-beef version of “The Truman Show.” What is going on?

It’s crystal clear that the powers-that-be envision a future America without beef. They are making it more expensive, harder to acquire, and eventually they may make it impossible to eat. This isn’t new. It’s been in the works for years. Many are just now seeing the effects of the evil machinations. Most still aren’t seeing it at all, but it’s definitely happening.

When we saw the writing on the wall last year, we decided to do more than just gripe about the issue on Twitter or rant on my show. We launched a product that can help Americans solve the problem. Now, it’s ironic that whenever I write or talk about the need for people to stock up on long-term storage beef that some trolls hop in there and call me a grifter. The irony comes when I think back and realize these are the same people who said we shouldn’t just whine about it — we should do something.

We did something.

Prepper All-Naturals offers all-American steaks. We have Ribeye, NY Strip, Tenderloin, and “Original Steak” that has been cooked sous vide and freeze dried to give it a 25-year shelf life. Unlike other survival food companies that push “beef crumbles” or “beef chunks” that are barely edible, we chose to offer premium quality cuts of steak that are both nutritious and delicious.

As the war against beef continues to ramp up, many Americans are starting to appreciate the need to stock up before it’s no longer feasible or even possible to do so. We never want to see a world in which the only “meat” options are either lab-grown or insect-based, but it would be a mistake to assume that would never happen. Those who prepare now will not be standing in a breadline (or cricketline) in the future wishing they’d acquired long-term storage beef when they had the chance.

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