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5 Theories: Why Did Joe Take Hunter to Camp David This Weekend?

Camp David has one primary purpose: Presidential privacy. Unlike the White House where people come and go, strict logs are kept of all (well, most) visitors, and rumors can spread and leak like a sieve, Camp David is pretty much the opposite. Nobody comes or goes without permission from the president. Visitor logs are easily redacted. It’s the most private place the we know of where presidents often go.

That’s why Joe Biden took his son, Hunter, to the 125-acre retreat for a one-day trip. He wanted to talk about something without prying eyes or spies. He likely wanted to talk to other people without the press catching wind. The question is, why?

Before we offer some theories, here are the details about the trip via our news wire:

Joe and Hunter Biden’s Camp David Trip Draws Questions

The White House faced criticism on Saturday following reports that Hunter Biden had joined his father, President Biden, on a trip to Camp David. This came in the wake of bombshell allegations of political corruption made by a whistleblower, as well as Hunter Biden’s recent guilty plea to federal tax charges and his agreement to a plea deal on a felony gun charge.

The House Ways and Means Committee had recently shared details of an interview conducted with an IRS whistleblower last month. The whistleblower had provided a WhatsApp message from 2017 in which Hunter Biden allegedly told a Chinese business associate that he and his father would ensure consequences if their commitments were not fulfilled. The message, revealed by IRS whistleblower Gary Shapley, stated Hunter Biden’s intention to use his connections and influence to hold a grudge against the associate.

Conservatives on Twitter pointed out the close timing between the revelations and the joint travel of the father and son to Camp David. Some criticized the alleged collusion between Hunter and Joe Biden, highlighting the ongoing allegations of corruption and the plea deal Hunter had reached with the Biden administration. The decision to bring Hunter to the White House for a state dinner and then to Camp David was seen by critics as a questionable move, considering the serious allegations against him.

President Biden has consistently denied discussing foreign business deals with his son, despite evidence suggesting otherwise. The whistleblower testimony emerged just days after Hunter Biden reached an agreement with the Justice Department to plead guilty to tax-related charges and to enter into a pretrial diversion agreement for a firearm possession charge.

Critics questioned the purpose of Hunter Biden’s presence at Camp David and speculated about confidential discussions and undisclosed legal advisers. Some also raised concerns about the security implications and the short duration of the trip.

In addition to accompanying his father to Camp David, Hunter Biden was listed as a guest at a state dinner for Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his wife. Footage showed Hunter Biden mingling with prominent guests at the White House event.

When asked about Hunter’s presence at the dinner, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre declined to comment, citing it as a personal family matter. The White House did not respond to further requests for comment.

What Was Discussed at Camp David?

Here are my theories, listed in order from least to most likely:

  • Discuss Plans to Fake Hunter’s Coming “Disappearance” — Okay, so this is obviously the least likely possibility, but we ARE talking about the Biden Crime Family. A sudden disappearance or even faked demise of Hunter would solve a whole lot of Joe’s problems as corporate media would have even more reasons to not look into the family’s corruption. The UniParty Swamp would have an excuse to force conservative lawmakers to stop investigating out of “respect.”
  • Hunter Is Blackmailing His Dad — It’s always been in the back of my mind that Hunter has to have something tucked away about his dad. We know he has the goods to burn the patriarch, but is he smart enough to keep it secured somewhere as a threat to keep old Joe from discarding him?
  • Discuss Options to “Disappear” Whistleblowers Past, Present, and Future — If making Hunter disappear is off the table, then making those who can implicate the family might make sense. It’s no surprise that Joe’s sexual assault accuser recently defected to Russia. It’s also no surprise that at least two of the Biden whistleblowers cannot currently be found.
  • Lay Out Threat Analysis to Attorneys and Other Lackeys — The “mainstream” theory is that Joe and Hunter simply needed to strategize with their attorneys about whatever is to come.
  • Convince Hunter to Sacrifice Himself for the Family — With so many crimes coming to light on practically a daily basis, it seems to me the most reasonable response is to convince Hunter to take the blame. Most will disagree that this is the most likely scenario, but I actually believe it’s close to a 50% chance that this is the winner. The floodgates have opened. Even their corporate media lapdogs are asking questions about it. If they’ve come to the conclusion that they won’t be able to “disappear” all of the whistleblowers and witnesses, or that there is incontrovertible evidence of crimes by Joe, then their only recourse is to make Hunter the scapegoat. Joe will promise a pardon after the 2024 election. Hunter will have to keep his mouth shut. He’ll also want reassurances that he won’t be shivved in prison. But if all that can be worked out, expect the DOJ to “get tough” and go after Hunter in the coming weeks.

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