Ronna Romney McDaniel

5 Reasons Ronna Romney McDaniel Must Go Away

Ronna Romney McDaniel must be removed as Chairman of the Republican National Committee. Some say she should be voted out by the 168-member body, but that’s nearly impossible. Congressman Lee Zeldin learned this when he was considering his run. Talking to members, including many friends, he realized he had no path to victory.

That, perhaps more than anything else, should tell people the RNC is broken. How can the members not be DEMANDING she step down. Since she took over as chairwoman in 2017, the Republican Party has disappointed in all three election cycles. On her watch they lost the House, an incumbent presidency, and the Senate. Then, she failed to bring about a “red tsunami” despite the benefit of facing the most abysmal two years of Democrat control in modern history.

On an episode last week of The JD Rucker Show, I broke down why she needs to step down immediately or at least decline to run for an unprecedented fourth term.

Failed Red Tsunami

As Noah Rothman (who I rarely agree with) from Commentary pointed out:

If the RNC has one central role, it is to ensure its candidates win elections. That’s all a party is, after all: a vehicle to achieve political victories. Parties are supposed to be dispassionate enterprises. They’re not ideological ventures or platforms for aspiring celebrities. When a party fails in its singular mission, it’s reasonable to expect that stakeholders will take exception to that and demand some changes. But that’s not how today’s RNC operates.

Ronna McDaniel—formerly Ronna Romney McDaniel, until her own name and its association with an anti-Trump deviationist became a liability—has led the RNC through a series of consecutive failures. She presided over the party in 2018, when it lost control of the House. She presided over it in 2020, when it lost the White House and the Senate. She presided over it in 2022, when the party failed to take advantage of historic (and historically rare) headwinds. And still, a majority of the RNC’s voting members have endorsed her reelection to a role she has so badly mismanaged.

Promotion of LGBTQIA+ Supremacy

According to George Neumayr from The American Spectator:

Like previous RNC chairs, many of whom now appear on Republican-bashing networks (the unctuous Michael Steele on MSNBC defines this group), McDaniel conceives of her role as a ratifier of the “uniparty” consensus. The GOP’s recent capitulation to the Democrats on gay marriage is Exhibit A of McDaniel’s mindset. She had signaled weakness to the Dems by tweeting out her enthusiasm for “Gay Pride Month” early in the Biden presidency. Those tweets alone disqualify her from another term as RNC chair, given that they reveal her basic contempt for the party’s platform, which is staunchly opposed to the LGBTQ agenda.

It is not as if gay marriage stands as a marginal issue. It goes to the center of the GOP’s supposed moral philosophy. Can anyone imagine the Democrats electing as party chief a figure who opposes the party’s platform on a substantial moral issue? That is inconceivable, and for a simple reason: Elite Democrats fervently believe in their platform. They would never dream of elevating a gay marriage foe to lead their party.

I once heard a GOP insider refer to McDaniel as a de facto lobbyist for the gay lobby who surrounds herself with gay figures from the flashy fundraising world. Cut from country club cloth, McDaniel, a niece of Mitt Romney, clearly views the religious Right as insufficiently woke and problematic. At the beginning of the Biden presidency, she indicated this openly through her outrageous tweets in honor of LGBTQ causes. But more recently, she has behaved more circumspectly and has even tried to throw members of the base off her liberal scent by feigning concern about the imposition of transgender propaganda on elementary school students. What a crock. After all, transgenderism grew out of the very gay causes McDaniel supports, causes that have long marinated in the subjectivism liberals used to assert that human beings have an inherent right to choose their sexuality and their sex. Does anybody really think a McDaniel-led GOP would stand strong against this transgender juggernaut, let alone more politically tricky issues? The moderates McDaniel represents may object to the most outlandish parts of the transgender agenda, but they still approve of much of it, particularly any transgenderism involving adults.

Dependence on Consultants

As Ned Ryun — the CEO of American Majority, one of the leading conservative activist groups — told Sirius XM’s Breitbart News Saturday over the weekend, she depends on a “cabal of consultants”:

Ryun pointed out that Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel has led the party through the last three election cycles and asserted that she and her team “continue the cabal of consultants that have been an utter and complete failure for the Republican Party.”

She’s a Militant RINO


Ronna McDaniel isn’t your run-of-the mill RINO. She’s a perfect representation of what “Republican In Name Only” really means. She’s part Mitt Romney, part Mitch McConnell, part Nikki Haley… and unfortunately she’s the worst parts of each.

Ronna McDaniel’s Job Is to Destroy the America First Movement

The biggest reason we need her gone is because she’s accomplishing her goals. They may not be the goals one might expect from a Republican National Committee Chairwoman, but they’re the goals of the Uniparty Swamp. She’s participating in the destruction of the America First movement. One can easily argue that many of the races Republicans lost in 2022 were the direct result of actions by her, Mitch McConnell, and the RINOs who desperately want to eliminate the “fringe” element of the party… which happens to include all America First patriots.

Sorry, but she’s gotta go. And no, I’m not really sorry.