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The 5 Essential Truths We Must Share if America Is to Survive

(WND News Center)—A functional and free society needs to share the same essential truths. Postmodernism denies truth and has undermined Americans’ ability to determine these culturally binding realities. Still, as John Adams said, “Facts are stubborn things,” while Daniel Patrick Moynihan challenged postmodernism by saying, “You are entitled to your opinion. But you are not entitled to your own facts.” The problem is that today’s world is corrupted by competing priorities, baldfaced lies and a reluctance to face the fact that truth requires sacrifice. Still, as Winston Churchill said, “Out of intense complexities, intense simplicities emerge.”

Five essential truths, universally acknowledged, will see America stand for another 250 years. Failing that, it will soon perish.

One: Nothing is ever assured. Greece‘s demise is an example. Legendary cities like Sparta and Athens produced a unifying leader in the form of Alexander the Great. However, upon his death, fatal flaws arose centered on competition and disunity between city-states, leading to a lack of cohesion that ultimately doomed the world’s best-known democracy. Greece is a vital lesson today as our internal tensions closely mirror Ancient Greece.

Protecting our Constitution from those who believe it should reflect the thinking of today is essential. A belief in God’s providence and that each of us possesses divine inspiration is central to our culture. Take that out, and we are nothing more than a loose confederation of fair-weather friends that will devolve into a biblical Tower of Babel. As the Bible teaches, we must live upright, moral and productive lives. We are losing that understanding and belief by the day.

Two. Man is fundamentally greedy. This is the starting point for what allowed our country to go from zero to the most powerful country ever known. In the blink of an eye, a system of individualism coupled with the rule of law birthed Ruthless Capitalism, particularly despised by Marx, who completely missed the manifest benefits delivered by capitalism to a population, including economic independence, a prolonged life and freedom of choice, unknown to the rest of the world at that time.

Today, our government and anti-capitalist elements scheme to deprive others of their fairly earned share through a system of taxes and negative incentives that upturn that system.

No single physical factor explains the success of our country. Other countries have natural resources or are better geographically located. Our country is a mongrel nation made up of many cultures and peoples with different religious and political beliefs, though mainly Eurocentric. We have prevailed until now, as we stray from the principles revealed within our Constitution, which always feared the enemy of the people: the federal government.

Three. As a nation, we must be responsible for our self-determination. In attempting to become Citizens of the World, we have ignored our self-interest to the extent that we no longer lead the world; we follow. Organizations like the World Economic Forum (WEF) openly espouse the tenet of “Global Cooperation” expressed as:

“The Principles for Strengthening Global Cooperation are meant to be a compass to navigate this new call for peace and security, equity, gender equality and sustainability.”

WEF intends to create a single world government and standard of living to level out outcomes – which is anathema to American ideals that see us as exceptional among all other nations.

We don’t always appreciate the importance of the Presidency until an imposter inhabits the White House. This has happened before, but only infrequently and temporarily. America can’t become isolationist, nor just another equally good country. It must and shall lead the world by example. The central tenet of our country is the encouragement of individuality and personal responsibility. We no longer believe our system is superior. Therefore, we squander our heritage and, ultimately, our gains earned through blood, sweat and our constitutional protections.

Four. Our government operates in its interest, not yours. How many of us have heard the word seigniorage or understand how it is used to enslave us? There is no greater evil than the federal government willingly and knowingly creating inflation. Inflation is the result of spending money you don’t have. Inflation impoverishes us all. But it also enriches the government at the same time. Have you wondered why the Federal Reserve wants to get us back to 2% inflation? Why not zero? The answer is that every dollar the Federal Reserve creates becomes revenue to the government. From Wikipedia:

“Economists regard seigniorage as a form of inflation tax, returning resources to the currency issuer. Issuing new currency, rather than collecting taxes paid with existing money, is considered a tax on holders of existing currency. Inflation of the money supply causes a general rise in prices, due to the currency’s reduced purchasing power.”

Five. A nation with Unequal Justice cannot stand. In Shakespeare’s “Taming of the Shrew,” we see the use of trickery to have people believe they are something different than who they are for nefarious purposes. Politics was, at best, polite in earlier times, but today, it has become the very instrument of our destruction. In particular, politics reflects our worst tendencies to obscure or even dissemble essential truth. Once again, we discover that the culprit is leadership at the top – not only our president but also the leaders of our political parties, leadership in our House and Senate, and the governors of our various states. We are suffocating due to the lack of term limits that have created a political superclass catered to by an entitled bureaucracy and an assemblage of courtiers.

Other essential truths exist: All men are created equal under the law, but not in their ability to contribute or mental prowess. It is foolhardy to rely on men and women of limited intellectual potential, evident today. Nowhere have equal outcomes worked. Over time, the only system that has demonstrated incredible success is Ruthless Capitalism, an essential truth we should come to understand and embrace.

Finally, everyone must realize that the government can give you nothing it does not first take from producers; it only consumes. Producers are changing their behaviors as they discover their minds and their profits are to be stolen from them.

God Bless America.

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