Jason Jenkins

47-Year-Old Dolphins Executive Latest Victim of the New “UCOD” Pandemic: 💉Unknown Cause of Death 💉

There’s a pandemic that nobody is talking about. It’s the pandemic of “Unknown Cause of Death” (UCOD). It is quickly becoming the most deadly ailment in the world, but corporate media and governments are not mentioning it at all. There is no known cure for it and there is no vaccine to prevent it. In fact, many would (rightly) argue the most likely cause of the UCOD Pandemic is the Covid “vaccines” themselves.

According to the NY Post, the latest victim is Jason Jenkins, the Dolphins’ senior vice president of communications and community affairs. He died Saturday, the team announced at halftime of its preseason game against the Eagles. He was 47.

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According to the article:

The cause of death is not known. The Palm Beach Post reported Jenkins died after “a medical emergency.” Jenkins had been a senior VP since 2015 and worked for the Dolphins since 2009.

As with all corporate media stories on topics dealing with UCOD cases, they skim past the mystery of the death, never mention Covid or the vaccines, and proceed to fill the rest of the stories with reactions from friends and a short life story.

Meanwhile, studies and statistics continue to emerge pointing to a definite correlating and probable causal relationship with the rollout of the Covid jabs. For example, new data out of Israel shows total deaths in 2021 were higher with the jabs being rolled out than at the peak of Covid hysteria in 2020. More importantly, with Covid practically out of the picture in 2022, deaths are even higher than in 2021.


I’m neither a doctor nor a mathematician, but I can read basic facts and draw obvious conclusions. It’s the jabs. Short- and long-term adverse reactions are killing people.

This is why there’s such a sharp rise in UCOD cases.

Big Tech is getting a little less restrictive about Covid injection truth. A little. It’s important we share this information with as many as possible to prevent further “vaccinations” and “boosters” from reaching arms across the globe.

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