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Regime Apparatchik Lets the Cat Out of the Bag, Admits What’s Behind the Insanity

How do we know the Biden regime was signaling the New World Order today with statements regarding their so-called “Liberal World Order”? Because Big Tech and corporate media went out of their way to claim the message from National Economic Council Director Brian Deese had nothing to do with the New World Order.

It does. They know it. We all know it. Gas prices that are destroying families across America are a small price to pay to this regime when there’s a globalist agenda to protect.

During an interview on CNN, Deese was asked what the Biden regime would say to families who cannot afford the skyrocketing gas prices for months, let alone years. Deese’s response caused an uproar on social media. He said:

“What you heard from the President today was a clear articulation of the stakes. This is about the future of the Liberal World Order and we have to stand firm.”

Despite claims by leftist media that Deese didn’t really say exactly what he said, the implication is clear. Any “world order,” whether it’s a New World Order or a Liberal World Order, invokes the tenets of globalism. There’s no way to avoid this unambiguous truth. Notably, it’s only the corporate side of leftism that is trying to gaslight Americans about the implications of the statement. Individual leftists on social media aren’t even trying to hide the truth. They embrace it.

Twitter went so far as to put an explanation on the trending topic:

“The phrase is not related to the “New World Order” conspiracy theory, of which fact-checkers have regularly debunked connected claims. Academics agree the liberal world order was established after World War II and focuses on multilateralism, openness and rules inshrined in international institutions.”

And yes, their “fact-checkers” misspelled the word “enshrined.”

Conservatives reacted as would have been expected on Twitter:


This isn’t the first time Biden or members of his regime have invoked the phrase. Here’s Biden in 2017:

There was a time when the globalist elites worked mostly from the shadows. Today, they are emboldened to do and say whatever they want in public because they know only the “fringe” among America First patriots will call them out.