. . . 3 Ways Physical Precious Metals Defend Against the Central Bank Digital Currencies Around the Corner

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Central Bank Digital Currency “deniers” will tell us all there’s no way they can ever become a reality. They’ll continue saying such things until the moment they’re actually rolled out, which appears to be imminent.

Even as the powers-that-be at the International Monetary Fund, World Bank, Federal Reserve, United Nations, and Bank for International Settlements work feverishly to implement a CBDC worldwide economy, there are those who pretend like we’re still years or even decades away from seeing them.

This is inaccurate. They’re in progress as we speak. Nearly every western nation and most eastern nations are at various stages of CBDC implementation. In the United States, tests began last year… and that’s just what we’ve been allowed to hear. They may be further along than the public realizes. FedNow is happening. The banking crisis can be indirectly tied to the push for the “Digital Dollar.” This is happening, folks, and it’s not going to be years or decades before we see the effects.

The BIS in particular is moving forward at breakneck pace. They recently released a blueprint of their CBDC plan, but only AFTER they had tested it out with none other than the Bank of England. As noted by Didi Rankovich:

The announcement of the blueprint that�™s supposed to represent the foundation of the world�™s new financial and monetary system came just a day after reports that the BIS and the Bank of England had completed a CBCD project.

As most of our readers know, we’ve been posting stories on a regular basis about Central Bank Digital Currencies for years, long before “CBDC” became a common topic on most conservative and alternative media sites. The threat is real and it’s our sincere belief that physical precious metals are one of the most important defenses against this globalist plot.

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Here are the three reasons Americans with wealth or retirement to protect should strongly consider physical gold and silver…

Hedge Against the Coming Turbulence

If you think the various markets have been turbulent since the pandemic and more notably during the reign of the current White House regime, just wait. It’s all going to turn into a massive financial roller coaster with the implementation of Central Bank Digital Currencies, especially the “Digital Dollar.” This is why the “pause” of the debt ceiling until 2025 is so concerning. All of the ingredients are ready to be mixed together to force a CBDC “bailout” in which Americans will be giving limited time and even less choice to address the issue.

Physical precious metals in retirement accounts can preserve one’s life’s savings because there is often an inverse response of gold and silver prices to what’s happening in the markets. As the U.S. Dollar stagnates or even plummets, physical gold and silver are considered by many economists to be the safe haven.

There is no way to avoid tumultuous financial events once the CBDC push ramps up. Investors will scramble for harbor, but by that time it’s very possible precious metals prices will have already started skyrocketing.

Is there risk with physical precious metals? Absolutely. But as we’ll see in the next reason, gold and silver appear to be the way the “smart money” is leaning.

The Globalists’ Need for Self-Preservation

If there’s one thing that makes me exceptionally bullish about the future of precious metals, particularly gold, it’s the way Central Banks and entire nations “in the know” have been buying up the shiny stuff for the past two years. At first, the record-setting purchases by the powers-that-be were deemed by many economists as a gentle hedge against market uncertainty. But they didn’t stop. They kept buying. They’re hording it away as if they know something the rest of us don’t.

Even BlackRock, which is devoted to driving ESG investments, informed its top investors in June that they should be buying up precious metals.

The Globalist Elite Cabal driving CBDCs do not want to completely destroy the world. They want to control it. As Henry Kissinger once said, “Who controls the money controls the world.”

Whatever is to come with CBDCs, the architects behind them are putting their wealth into physical precious metals. It behooves average Americans to take heed knowing that if the globalists are using precious metals to protect themselves from what they’re about to unleash, we should do the same.


“You can’t eat gold,” someone will say. That’s the common line I get any time I recommend having gold and silver on hand in case the crap hits the fan.

The naysayers are correct that you can’t eat precious metals. But you couldn’t eat precious metals at any point in the past, either. As far back as the Book of Genesis, gold in particular has been used as payment. It is the ONLY investment type that has retained value throughout the entirety of human history.

Does that mean it should be the first consideration to store for barter? Absolutely not! Americans should be fully stocked up on food, water, medicines, and ammunition. They should have plenty of clothes, supplies, and energy solutions on hand. Anybody who’s struggling to get food on the table today shouldn’t buy a safe and have silver coins sent to them. They should consider moving their retirement, but that’s not going to help anyone with bartering.

For those who do have basic needs accounted for, coins for bartering makes a lot of sense.

Moreover, it’s not like one has to hope for the apocalypse in order for their precious metals to become useful. If things go back to normal or if the CBDC push is miraculously thwarted, Americans with gold and silver in their safe are not going to have challenges liquifying them.

As the “brave new world” engulfs us and our draconian future becomes more clear, being smart with our assets can be the difference between living free of oppression or becoming like the oppressed masses.