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3 Reasons to Question Whether Trump Is Really Considering NeoCon Nikki Haley for VP

(Conservative Playbook)—Social media is buzzing from a report by CBS News that Donald Trump is asking allies about Nikki Haley as a possible running mate. My initial reaction was outrage over the notion that he would even consider it. Then, I took a breath and realized it may not be true.

IF it is true, the Trump learned nothing about engaging with the UniParty Swamp during his first term. That experience with establishment Republicans like Mike Pence, Reince Priebus, and at least a dozen other high-profile members of his administration should have been enough for him decide only like-minded America First patriots need to be on his list.

Thankfully, I don’t believe it is true for multiple reasons. And while I know that a simple inquiry by his staffers means nothing, it’s still worth watching. There’s no reason to react negatively to a corporate media report based on anonymous sources.

Here are three reasons it’s a best practice to question the validity of the rumor:

She Is Nikki “Birdbrain” Haley

Trump has been known to make up with political enemies in the past. He went after Ted Cruz with some of the most brutal attacks imaginable in 2016. Months after the convention the two were practically buddies and Cruz’s name was on a couple of Trump’s lists as possible Supreme Court Justice nominees.

With that said, Trump never seriously considered Cruz or any of his primary opponents as running mates. Even though Pence had endorsed Cruz as Governor of Indiana, his “endorsement” was seen as lukewarm and included multiple compliments about Trump. Some speculate that it actually helped Trump more than Cruz. That almost certainly helped land him the VP nod.

Trump has gone after Haley pretty hard. He hasn’t unleashed the same level of fury that he used in 2016 against Cruz, but giving her the nickname of “Birdbrain” is very personal. Haley has been extremely critical of Trump as well and if she’s on the ticket, then Democrats will quote her heavily in ads. These circumstances don’t leave a whole lot of room for a unified ticket in the general election.

It’s CBS News

There’s fake news, and there’s there’s CBS Ultra-Fake News. There are other major outlets that are more biased than CBS, but no other outlet has been as inaccurate in recent years. They’re the Rolling Stone of network television. CBS News has built a reputation of reporting rumors that don’t pan out and this may be one of those instances.

Until we hear it from a credible source close to Trump himself, the rumor should be treated like a life experience retold by Brian Williams.

Nobody Actually Likes Haley, Polls Be Damned

Polls aren’t just wrong. They’re manipulated. They’re used to drive a narrative and push whatever agenda the powers-that-be want at any given moment. That’s not to say all poll results are manufactured, but every poll should be questioned.

For example, there’s a poll that shows Haley down by 4-points in New Hampshire. That’s so ludicrous I won’t even link to it nor will I ever mention that clearly corrupted source again in my writing. The closest she MAY be in New Hampshire is 20-points down, and I suspect it’s worse than that.

Ask yourself if you know anyone in the real world that supports Nikki Haley. I don’t, and I interact with dozens of Republican voters daily. Haley supporters are ghosts. They’re rumors. They’re figments of the UniParty Swamp’s imagination.

Here’s the thing. The only reason Trump would even entertain the idea of having Haley on the ticket is to get support from the globalist powerbrokers like JPMorgan Chase, BlackRock, and Boeing. If that’s the case, then Trump isn’t the guy I thought he was.

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