Jak Knight

28-Year-Old Up-and-Coming Stand-Up Comic Died Suddenly — Cause of Death “Not Being Released at This Time”

Jak Knight, a stand-up comedian considered to be a rising star in the industry, died suddenly this week. The cause of death has not been released.

With so many young and otherwise healthy celebrities dying in recent months, it has become necessary to create a standard disclaimer:

“Due to the secrecy surrounding Covid-19 injections and the adverse reactions that appear to be causing deaths among young and healthy people, we regard every mysterious death as potentially vaxx-induced. With young celebrities, there are always other possible reasons for keeping cause-of-death secret, including drug overdoses, suicides, and other uncomfortable tragedies. But the nature of these events eventually come out, whereas any deaths associated with Covid-19 injection adverse reactions are buried forever. Nine out of ten of these incidents have no follow-up report, and we speculate this is due to either denial by doctors or direct coverups by the powers-that-be. When a cause of death is verified, we will update stories accordingly. However, that rarely happens.”

According to Daily Wire:

Jak Knight, a stand-up comic poised for stardom after co-creating and starring in the new Peacock series “Bust Down,” died Thursday night at the age of 28.

The up-and-coming star’s death stunned the close-knit comedy community, with members calling him a “phenom” who was “unapologetically hilarious.” Knight’s family announced his death in Los Angeles through a representative, but no details were forthcoming.

The Hollywood Reporter reiterated the secrecy behind the cause of death:

Additional details, including cause of death, are not being released at this time. “Knight’s loved ones ask that their privacy please be respected during this extremely difficult time,” the rep said.

Knight’s career was not only in a good place, but his star was on the rise. After writing for a string of hit shows — from Netflix’s critically acclaimed raunchy comedy Big Mouth to ABC’s beloved Black-ish — Knight segued to co-creating, executive producing and starring in the new Peacock series Bust Down.

There is a distinct information barrier placed around any celebrity who is hospitalized or dies due to Covid-19 vaccine adverse reactions. The powers-that-be would have us believe there have been ZERO adverse reactions that have affected celebrities. The truth may never be properly reported, but that doesn’t mean we don’t know what it really is.