Mariasofia Paparo

27-Year-Old Swimmer Dies of Heart Attack and Media Still Refuses to Wonder if the Jabs Had Something to Do With It

There was a time not too long ago when young and otherwise healthy athletes weren’t dying from heart attacks regularly. Those days were before the Covid-19 “vaccines” were rolled out. Now, it seems like I’m posting a few stories every week highlighting the latest possible victim of adverse reactions to the jabs.

Unfortunately, very few others are doing the same. Corporate media ignores it literally every single time another athlete “inexplicably” dies. Even most in conservative media pretend like there’s nothing to see here, though there are some noteworthy exceptions and we link to them regularly at The Liberty Daily.

The latest story centers around Italian swimmer Mariasofia Paparo. As usual, there is no explanation offered about why an elite athlete with no preexisting health problems would die from a heart attack. And as usual, none of the corporate media stories surrounding her death mention the words “Covid” or “vaccine” at all.

According to EuroWeekly:

ITALIAN swimmer Mariasofia Paparo died following a heart attack just shy of her 28th birthday and only a month after getting engaged to be married. Tributes have poured in following the news of the young woman’s death.

The swimmer died suddenly at the age of 27 after suffering a cardiac arrest in San Giorgio a Cremano (Naples) on Monday, April 11, according to local reports.

Her fiancé and fellow swimmer Matteo Scarpati, who had successfully proposed on March 13, paid tribute to the woman he planned to marry.

“You were an angel who changed my life by giving me the strength to do things that I never could think about doing,” he said on Facebook.

“You taught me true love, you taught me to smile and be happy again. We had a life ahead and you left like that. I loved you from the first day I saw you, you made me struggle to conquer you, but then you agreed to live this fantastic adventure together and you gave me the best two years of my life.

“I will always remember you like this, as my beautiful Mariasofia, and I will always be your ciccino. I love you and I will always love you my love.”

As noted by MSN Italy, Mariasofia was an athlete of the Posillipo Swimming Club, in 2019 she was part of the staff of the Swim4Life Trophy, valid for the Supermaster FIN Circuit. She was part of the Speedo Masters Team and in 2020 she had participated in the crossing of the Strait of Messina, as well as in the Capri-Naples.

There seems to be two reactions when stories like these are posted. Some listen to the alarm bells going off in the logic centers of their brain as they question why so many young athletes are “inexplicably” collapsing and even dying due to “mysterious” heart problems that popped up out of nowhere among the fully vaccinated. Most ignore the alarms and seek confirmation that the jabs are “safe and effective” so they don’t have to address their cognitive dissonance.