Baltimore Schools

21 Baltimore Schools With No A/C Close Early Today, But District Spends Crazy Money on “Office of Equity”

As summer heats up, those without air conditioning are suffering throughout the country. Included on the list of those without air conditioning are the kids in 21 Baltimore schools, a district that can’t keep their kids cool in the summer but somehow found plenty of money for equity training.

As radio host and former congressional candidate Kimberly Klacik noted on Twitter, the money is not being well-spent:

21 schools in Baltimore close early today due to not having air conditioning. However, there is an “Office of Equity” where a 3 person staff makes $235k to do a “2-day Intro to Racial Equity Seminar” to fight “white silence”. I will discuss today on @wbalradio, 10amET to 2pmET.

Indoctrination through idiotic programs that promote Critical Race Theory and LGBTQIA+ supremacy aren’t just brainwashing kids, teachers, and staff. They’re draining much-needed funds that could and should be used to educate kids while keeping them safe. Those are the priorities in schools that exist in a sane society, but the public education system in America is anything but sane nowadays.