. . . 2000 Mules: Stream It Now

Since the 2020 election, we have remained steadfast in two beliefs:

  1. The presidential election was stolen
  2. We must not “move on” as so many keep telling us to do

Chances are, you hold the first belief. If you don’t, watch 2000 Mules now. Even if you do, watch it. This movie has much of the information we need in order to build a groundswell of support for more investigations that could lead to indictments and arrests.

Therein lies the key to that second belief, that we should not “move on” and focus on the midterm elections and beyond. While they remain important, nobody has been punished for the 2020 election steal. That means they got away with it so far and will continue to do it going forward. Even if you believe there’s no way to correct the 2020 election and put the rightful president back in the Oval Office, you must acknowledge that there need to be repercussions if we’re ever to have a fair election again.

This was an attack on the Constitution and therefore it is our responsibility as American citizens to continue to push for the truth to come out. 2000 Mules is a wonderful avenue through which to rejuvenate the base, but we need more. We need to expose the culprits and bring them to justice. That can only happen if we ignore Establishment Republicans and their demands that we pretend the 2020 election wasn’t stolen.

Here’s what President Trump said:

“Highly respected Dinesh D’Souza, working together with Catherine Engelbrecht of True the Vote, just released a trailer to their new movie, “2,000 Mules,” that shows the world exactly how the 2020 Presidential Election was Rigged and Stolen. The movie exposes the lies of the Democrats, RINOs, and Fake News who say it was the “most secure election in history.” It was, perhaps, the least secure in history. The ballot box was stuffed, and stuffed like never before—and it’s all on video. Ballots were trafficked and sold in a massive operation in each Swing State. The evidence is so damning, what will the cowards who sat and did nothing about the stolen election say now? The way our votes were taken away is a disgrace to our Nation. It must be fixed.”

Watch 2000 Mules and get others to watch it as well. The truth is finally starting to come out, but we need to “red pill” as many as possible if we’re going to ever hold anyone accountable.