Pandemic Panic Theater

20 Reminders of the Disgusting Things Done to Us Through Pandemic Panic Theater

Dr. Simon Goddek is quickly becoming one of the most popular medical professionals on Twitter. He doesn’t just drop a snarky comment or quick link to an interview clip like the vast majority of influential doctors. He takes his time to put out real content threads. If you use Twitter, I highly recommend following him.

His latest thread is a big one. In it, he lists 20 (technically 21) examples of the various lies, gaslighting, propaganda, and insults used to control and manipulate the population from the birth of the Plandemic until today.

To those who do not have access to Twitter, you should be able to view the videos here on an incognito browser:

There may be very little real-world benefit for those of us who can say, “told ya so,” but it still feels good knowing  we weren’t crazy. Unfortunately, the fact that we were right means hundreds of millions of Americans made horrible mistakes. Those mistakes will have repercussions for years, perhaps decades.