General Michael Flynn

1st Lt. Mark C. Bashaw Is Getting Booted From the Army Over Covid Jabs and General Mike Flynn Isn’t Happy

The vaccine mandates may be over, but members of our military are still getting punished for being right and not taking the jabs. 1st Lt. Mark C. Bashaw from the U.S. Army has been court martialed. Listen to his list of accomplishments as read by the judge:

General Michael Flynn weighed in on this travesty:

This young man’s treatment at the hands of the horrific leadership we have inside the armed forces right now is absolutely outrageous.

Listen to the description of this officer from the court martial convening authority in this audio recording.

Why would the military want to throw away 17 years of not only honorable but stellar service when they have completely rescinded the dangerous policies they knew at the time were dangerous policies?

This must change and will change when we have new leadership in the WH and in the Department of Defense.

DOD must ensure that our military is prepared to fight and win our nation’s wars and no longer will it be a social and cultural experiment for the woke Marxist left bureaucrats we currently have running our country.

God help us and to @MCBashaw thank you for your years of courageous, dedicated service. You’re better days are ahead!

The fight against medical tyranny isn’t over. The Biden-Harris regime continues to punish those who were smart enough to not get jabbed. We must keep fighting the good fight.