Logan Holgate

18-Year-Old Rugby League ‘Star of the Future’ Dies Suddenly

This was already getting ridiculous a year ago. At this point it’s becoming so common to see young and otherwise healthy people dying that it would become a cliché if the topic weren’t so morbid.

Another young athlete has died. According to Mirror:

Tributes are pouring in following the tragic sudden death of Logan Holgate at the age of 18, who had been tipped as a ‘star of the future.’ Holgate was on the under-18 pathway at Salford and was notably selected for the England Community Lions under-19s last year.

The Rugby Football League (RFL) announced on Wednesday that the Cumbrian teenager, who had been playing for Hensingham alongside his role in Salford’s development set-up, had died suddenly. Salford Red Devils wrote on Twitter: “Everyone at Salford Red Devils are saddened to hear about the sudden passing of Logan Holgate.”

As is always the case, there is no mention of Covid-19 or the “vaccines” in any corporate media discussions about this story. It’s the elephant in the journalistic room that is so disgusting that we’re forced to report on every incident as if it’s the first.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first and it’s not going to be the last. People suddenly collapsing, especially athletes and others who are engaged in physical activity, are becoming more common than they were just a couple of months ago, and it was really bad back then.

It is imperative that our readers share stories like these. Yes, you will likely get attacked, but the word needs to get out to the normies. Don’t think just because you’re fully aware of it happening that your peers are as well. If they’re getting their news from CNN or Fox News, they have no idea just how widespread the phenomenon has become.

The correlation to the jabs is striking. Logic dictates this is very likely causation that we’re witnessing, but until more studies are done and accepted by the mainstream, we cannot know for sure. Sadly, the studies are slow to come out and those that go against the approved narrative are usually quashed. This, more than anything else, is why we must continue to fight for the truth to come out.

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