10 Important Questions for the Brothers Krassenstein

Being leftist trolls online can be fulfilling for those who don’t do much in the real world. Apparently, it can be profitable as well if recent allegations by Dr. Simon Goddek are accurate.

Here’s what the public knows about twin brothers Brian and Ed Krassenstein:

  • They gained digital notoriety by commenting on nearly every Tweet posted by Donald Trump during and after his 2016 presidential campaign
  • They were banned by Twitter for operating fake accounts in 2019, an accusation they deny
  • Since being reinstated by Elon Musk, they’ve been trying to rebuild their profitable digital mini-empire

Dr. Goddek has questions for them. He’s been asking questions for some time, but the Krassensteins have neglected to reply, so Dr. Goddek made it easier with 10 yes or no questions:

Hey @krassenstein and @EdKrassen,

Since you haven’t directly answered any of my previous questions and keep beating around the bush, I’m going to ask you ten simple yes-or-no questions.

  1. Have you ever received money or other benefits from the DNC, DNC members, or NGOs for your Twitter activities? Yes or no?
  2. You claim that you’ve never purchased social media accounts. Do you still stand by this statement? Yes or no?
  3. There’s overwhelming evidence that you exploited the Haiti earthquake tragedy with multiple Facebook accounts to gain followers, who you then could spam with your own content. Did you operate any of the following Facebook groups: “Haiti – We Urge Donations – Spread the Word”, “Petition For Haiti – World Lottery to Raise Money for Victims”, and “9,999,999 fans and I will empty my bank to help Haiti”? Yes or no?
  4. If you answered the previous question with ‘yes,’ do you have proof that you donated money to the victims of the Haiti earthquake as promised?
  5. On 12-12-2022, @krassenstein posted a tweet in which he seemed to be blackmailing a “Becky”. He’s suggesting this tweet is a fake, but is it really? Yes or no?
  6. There are allegations about your involvement in Ponzi schemes and fraudulent activities. Did you ever apply such schemes to earn money? Yes or no?
  7. Can you confirm that Homeland Security seized your files and froze your assets, but never charged you with a crime related to fraudulent investment activities? Yes or no?
  8. Have you ever used any sort of automation program/script to follow and/or unfollow people on Twitter in order to build up your followership? Yes or no?
  9. Have you ever been the owner or co-owner of the website, which is accused of misleading its users and either charging inflated shipping costs or not delivering the items at all? Yes or no?
  10. Have you ever purchased Facebook friends/followers? Yes or no?

Now guys, I urge you to be straight with your answers – it is either YES or NO. Let me tell you, my evidence locker is stacked to the brim. I’m not trying to pick a fight here; I’m simply after the truth. I’m eagerly awaiting your honest response. Let’s clear the air, shall we?

Dr. Simon (@goddeketal)

The twins most likely won’t reply unless this tweet goes viral. You know what to do!

Will they reply?