🤡 Planned Parenthood Clown World 🤡: Director for Primary and Trans Care Bhavik Kumar Says “Men Can Have Pregnancies, Especially Trans Men”

Nine times out of ten, I’ll seek out full context when I come across short clips on the internet. I want to make sure that what was said is really what was intended. But more and more, I’m finding that there is no context in which ludicrous statements by the radical left could ever be contorted in a way that makes sense.

Case-in-point: Planned Parenthood Direct of “Primary and Trans Care” Bhavik Kumar. Republican Representative Andrew Clyde asked, “Dr. Kumar, can biological men become pregnant and give birth.”

Science says the answer is unambiguously “no.” But science isn’t important to today’s wokified scientists, especially doctors who are promoting the LGBTQIA+ agenda. So it’s no wonder that Kumar gave the incorrect answer.

“Men can have pregnancies, especially trans men,” he said.

Especially trans men? If you believe that a woman can be a “man” by claiming it on their bio, that’s just a difference of opinion. But who are the other types of “men” that Kumar believes can become pregnant and give birth?

The problem with woke culture is that it has no limits to its idiocy. We are living in a clown world simulation and unfortunately, the clowns at the very top have an evil agenda in play.