Charlbi Dean

💉Was It the Jabs? 32-Year-Old Actress-Model Dies Of “Unexpected Sudden Illness”💉

Another day, another young celebrity dies without an announcement of the cause of death. While it’s likely some of these deaths have various causes, there is valid speculation that most of them are kept hidden from the public because the Covid-19 “vaccines” were involved.

Young and otherwise healthy people are dying in droves across the planet from the new pandemic unofficially known as CODU – “Cause Of Death Unknown.” The latest possible victim is Charlbi Dean, 32. The actress and model is known for her role in The CW’s “Black Lightning” and has received rave reviews for her biggest role opposite Woody Harrelson in “Triangle of Sadness” which is scheduled for theatrical release in October.

According to the NY Post:

Sources close to the actress — who played Syonide in the CW’s “Black Lightning” — confirmed to The Post Tuesday that Dean died of an unexpected sudden illness. They did not share further details but said she died in a New York City hospital.

We often get criticized for reporting the jabs are the most likely cause of these mysterious deaths, but here’s the thing. Corporate media goes out of their way to absolutely NEVER mention Covid-19 or the jabs whenever there is an unexplained death. It behooves us to assume the worst and issue story updates if a different cause is announced, which almost never happens.

There has been a subtle shift in coverage lately as the frequency of these CODU cases increases. I talked about it on today’s episode of The JD Rucker Show and why the truth being let out now does not necessarily bode well for any of us.

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