💉Was It the Jabs?💉 โ€” 36-Year-Old Coach and Former College Football Player Collapses on Field in the Middle of Michigan-Indiana Game

Another young and otherwise healthy man collapse on the field. This time, it was a coach. And as always, not a single corporate media site โ€” including “conservative” outlets โ€” asked whether or not it could have been the Covid vaccines that are known to cause heart problems.

According to Daily Wire:

Aย University of Michiganย assistant football coach collapsed on the sidelines during aย college footballย game Saturday and had to be carted off the field and transported to a hospital.ย 

Running backs coach Mike Hartย fellย to the ground during the first half of the Michigan Wolverines game against the Indiana Hoosiers at Memorial Stadium in Bloomington,ย Indiana, and was taken away for medical evaluation.ย 

The 36-year-old coach was taken to a hospital, the teamย toldย a staff writer for The Athletic. Hart gave two thumbs up as he was taken out on cart. He had reportedly suffered a seizure just after a Hoosier touchdown.ย 

Seizures are known as possible adverse reactions to the Covid jabs. But nobody’s supposed to mention that in media. Even many in alternative media have made it a habit to avoid such stories. The reason is clear. Both Google and Facebook will blacklist sites that connect vaccine adverse reactions to public events or individuals. Google is by far the best revenue generator for most news sites and Facebook is the biggest traffic-driver.

This is just another reason to get your news from The Liberty Daily. Soon, I will be launching Discern.tv for the same reason.